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I like to practice yoga outdoors

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Yoga originates from Ancient India. It trace back to five thousand years ago. Yoga is boundary science, between philosophy and sports. Its original intention is combination. The aim is to provide a way of controlling inner heart and drive myself. Its meaning are accordance, combination and harmony. Yoga postures are movement ways which makes use of old methods to improve the abilities of mental, physiology, emotion and spirits. They develop different kinds of yoga bringing into daily life. They include morals, stable brain, oblivious of oneself movements, religious responsibility, unselfishness, the nature and the creation of universe.
The condition of body nervous system, internal secretion and main organs determine one's health level. The regular exercise of yoga can get rid of mental nervous. Practising yoga can keep vigor and clear thinking.The modern life is fast pace, competing intensely and heavy pressure.At this time people may feel nervous and tired. Yoga consists of stretching, physical strength, endurance and improving the function of heart-lung function. It can promote health and increase body vigor. In addition, it can educate soul harmony and emotion stable.
You should practice with empty stomach condition. You should stretch your body in ultimate border.Don't pull-and-push violently. If you exceed the ultimate border, the movements are wrong. If you turn up short of physical strength or your body shakes, you should revert. There are several kinds of Yoga: Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, hatta yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, family yoga. How to choose the place to practise? It best to choose a clean and comfortable room. It has enough space to stretch your body, avoiding your hand and foot close to furnitures. There are plenty of fresh air in the room flowing. You can breath oxygen freely. You can put some green plants and some flowers. You can also play soft music to relax nervous. You should wear easy and comfortable clothes. You must put off accessories in order that your body can exercise freely and not be restrained. It best to bare foot. The posture of standing must not be gliding feet. The movements of sitting and lying can be proceed on the blanket. You should taste the body feeling of every movement.
There are some crucial postures: Forward Curved, Vertebration Curved, balance posture, standing and hands balance, stand upside down, rest posture. There are some misunderstandings: Only those soft body can practise. People make their best to get the ideal results. Yoga is not pure weight reducing exercise. The ultimate goal is to reach the balance of body, mood and the instinct of perception. Someone thinks yoga is the same as dancing. The main aim of dancing is performance. The progress need the cooperation of position, breathe, meditation and relax. The aim are complete health and asevana. Someone think it a painful matter. On the contrary, it relax tiered rouse spirit. It just like a whole body massage from internal organs,muscle,skeleton and cerebrum. It is a comfortable way. Someone think the difficult movement is good. In fact, beginners can do simple movements. It is difficult to get to difficult movements only if a long time practice.
In the progress of practice, you should master eight points. I want to breath. I want to warm-up. I want to relax. I need the feeling. I want to concentrate on. I need balance. I want to continue. I lose my heart to. Why not practising in your spare time.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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