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You don't need to go on a diet to lose weight

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You are reading this article probably for one of two reasons.

1. You want a weight loss program that works
2. You are a serial dieter, because you can never lose weight and then keep it off.In fact you seem to end up heavier and more depressed than before

Possibly a third reason would be that you have become very cynical about all the new diets promoted by the 'stars' of television and the movies!!
Perhaps like me, you just see it as a means for fading stars making money by endorsements.

Most female stars are thin, and if you knew how much they starved themselves because they believe thin is beautiful, you might, or might not be surprised!!

Perhaps I'm just an old cynic too!!

There are a number of excuses we make for ourselves so we program in defeat before we begin a weight loss program.

The first thing to note is, that we are all on a diet all the time, so why go on a diet to lose weight!!

Our diet is what we are eating now, and all we really need to know is that if we eat 3000 calories per day, but only expend 2800 calories per day, then we will get heavier, until our increased weight means we need to expend 3000 calories just to lumber around!!

This may be simplistic, but it is a very simple principle.

Taking the whole thing in reverse, it should therefore be possible to lose weight by reducing the calorie intake on a daily basis.

Unfortunately this doesn't work for long.
Supposing you decrease your calories from 3000 per day to 2000, then logically you will lose weight, and for a while you do.
Two things happen, and the first is that you need less calories for your daily energy requirements because you weigh less, but secondly and more importantly the internal computer we all have detects that starvation is on the way, and it automatically reduces our energy use, so we only expend 2000 calories a day.
In addition it lays down fat deposits, as a 'rainy day' store anticipating a future without enough food.

Low calorie diets just don't work for this reason.

In fact 'diets' don't work because of the association the word 'diet' has. Diet means pain and torture, and it is interesting to discover what springs into your mind when you hear the 'D' word.
Excuses, and reasons pour out, and phrases like
1. You just put all the weight back on again
2. I'm too busy to eat healthily
3. I can't keep track of my eating
4. It takes too long to see results
5. The food on a diet is boring!!

The main comment seems to use the words 'willpower' - as in I don't have any!!

So let us examine some simple principles.

Suppose you are 28 pounds overweight, how happy would you be, if it took you a year to lose it, and then it stayed off permanently?

You would be less than sensible to say that is too long a time span, because it almost certainly went on slowly, a pound at a time, at first unnoticed!!

Forget the word 'diet'.

Just do the following:
1. Write down everything you eat and drink over a seven day peiod.
2. Let a close friend see it, and ask them to circle your 'vices'. We all have them, whether it is cookies, or chocolate, or wine. It may be biscuits, or two pints of milk a day ? whatever.

All you need to do is find an easy way to eat less of them!!

Do this now.
Think of something that really makes you feel sick.
In my case it would be finding a cigarette end in a can I was drinking at a party
It would be imagining all the hairs that stick in the plug in the wash hand basin being in a glass of milk.
It might be finding a fly in your mouth when you drink cola.

Then do the following.

Take your thumb, and rub it against your four finger in small circular motions, whilst thinking of the thing that makes you nauseous, and you will feel really sick.

All you have to do, is to associate that with the item of food, be it milk, chocolate, cookies, wine or whatever. Every time you are tempted just rub your thumb and forefinger together, and temptation will vanish!!

Just by doing that you will begin the process of slow weight loss.

You are not on a diet ? never forget, all you want is weight control, and that simple step will go a long way towards helping you to achieve your ideal weight, whilst painlessly cutting out your 'vices'.

About the author:
This article has been written by Julie Tucker, a nurse, who contributes to nutritional websites including http://www.medifast-diet-solutions.info

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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