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Questions to ask at interview - do your homework

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To really increase your chances of landing that job you're going to be interviewed for, remember that the interview process is a give and take. While it's very important to be prepared to provide answers to the questions the interviewer asks you, it's also very important for you to have questions to ask at interview.

This will show a prospective employer that you've done your homework and they'll probably think that if you take this much time to properly prepare for an interview, you'll put even more time and thought into your job duties.

Not asking questions can work against you in another way: the interviewer may think you have a bad attitude and that you know it all. They may also form the opinion that you just don't really care that much. The job market is extraordinarily competitive right now, you really need to set yourself apart from everyone else. Asking good questions is one way to do that.

Here are some questions that will work in most types of job interviews. You'll also want to think of some that are specific to the company you are applying with and your chosen field.

1. Ask some questions about the company (make sure that you only ask specific focused questions. You want to know the basics of the company before your interview).

Asking things like: what is the 5 (or 10) year plan of the company? What do you consider to be the strengths of this company? What advantages are there for working for this company? Just don't ask generic questions that you should already know the answer to such as: "How long has the company been in business?"

2. Ask questions that will give you a more detailed idea of what your place at the company will be.

Asking questions like: Tell me a little about the training process. How long does the training generally take? Who will be training me, someone I will be working with after I'm trained? What are the specific requirements for this position?

3. Ask questions about the path to advancement (this is good because it shows the interviewer that you're planning on staying long enough to advance and that you're hungry).

Some good questions are: What advancement opportunities are available? Does the company help with training for advancement?

4. Ask questions to find out how your performance will be gauged. Questions like: How does my job performance get measured? Are there rewards for exceptionally good work? How often are the reviews?

Trying to create a somewhat personal conversation with the interviewer can help you too so don't hesitate to ask the interviewer their opinions on aspects of the company.

Also, consider that the interviewer probably has other appointments so don't get too carried away with the questions. A few, well chosen questions will show that you are prepared and interested in the position, talking their head off will show that you are a flake and you probably won't get the job. Balance is key.

It can't be stressed too much, in order to make a good impression at your interview go into it with some knowledge of the company and the position for which you are applying. Have some good questions to ask at interview ready to go.

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