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Do you have a require for an online fax service

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Fax machines were a marvelous invention and have become an anchor within the business community. But is it time for you to evaluate your need for an online fax service? Toner, paper, and a phone line are required to keep the traditional fax machine functioning and all of those supplies add up to hundreds of dollars every year. The benefits of using an online fax service might outweigh the cost of retiring that old friend, through: convenience, security, and cost savings.


Even if your two work locations are the office and home, an online fax service can deliver an inbound fax document to the email box specified and no one has to wait at the office to receive it. Wherever that email box is accessed, the fax is available without wondering if it was lost in transmission. Multiple office or store locations can be better served when an online service is used because faxes are where they are needed instead of sitting on the fax machine across town. Faxes are sent directly from the email box instead of waiting in a central location so work time is not wasted waiting for others to finish using the fax machine. Click here to see a diagram of what happens from the email to the online fax service and beyond.


Financial information, personnel information, legal documents, and health records all require special care when sending via fax. Paper copies of these types are easily left at the fax machine, but an online service means that only electronic copies exist on both ends. You will no longer walk by the fax machine and cringe at the information available for anyone to read. During the online fax operation the highest possible levels of encryption protocols are used to defeat system breaches that might compromise privacy for you, your employees, or your customers. Click here to view our privacy statement.

Reduced Costs

Not even the copier spews out more wasted paper than the traditional fax machine that is available even when the office is closed. Every fax is printed without any evaluation. Advertisements, wrong numbers, and multiple copies of a lost fax are printed without regard to need. With an online fax service, every fax can be viewed prior to making the decision to actually print the fax. Some faxes can be archived in an electronic directory for easy retrieval and reference without printing. The phone line that stood sentry for whenever a fax came in can be discontinued and that expense eliminated from the budget. One unspoken cost is manpower that is required to sort and manage the inbound and outbound faxes. Administrative assistants are drawn away from their own work constantly to save the day and resolve the fax machine’s attitude problem. Online services are maintained by companies who understand high demand for availability and reliability so the fax service is always ready. Click here to see an itemized example of costs that are eliminated when using an online fax service.

When you decide to retire that behemoth of a fax machine, donate it to a local charity and sign up for a reliable online fax service at your earliest convenience. Require every employee to learn to use the new service, and throw a retirement party for the old soldier. The cost of the online service is substantially lower, faxes no longer vanish, and employees will not be standing around the fax machine awaiting their turn.

About Author:
The author is a creator and researcher of small business resources and products on subjects such as internet fax at http://www.faxcompare.com/internet-fax-reviews

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