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7 hair loss home remedies to grow longer hair

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In most cases of baldness, hormonal changes are the cause. Many women start to lose their hair when they undergo a change in their levels of estrogen, e.g., abortion, birth control pills and hormone replacement treatments. You don't have to go through complicated rituals or use risky medications in order to combat hair loss. Home remedies are simple and effective treatments which can help you keep the hair you currently have while stimulating new hair growth.

1. For a healthy hair growth, one simply cannot afford to have deficiency in B vitamins. One has to no longer worry about hair loss if the diet is providing adequate amount of vitamin B. Be it vitamin B3, B6 or B12, all are essential to stimulate hair growth. Biotin and folic acid belonging to B vitamin group are equally important to prevent hair from falling. So those looking for hair loss prevention remedy need to include all the possible natural sources of B vitamins in the diet. This is definitely one of the best vitamins for hair growth. Vitamin B is abundantly found in protein rich foods like fish and eggs.

2. One part of keeping the hair you still have is to get into the habit of performing these homemade remedies to your hair and scalp. Do not use terribly hot water when washing your hair and don't wash it more than twice a week, using only a mild shampoo. Don't comb your hair backwards and try to avoid brushing or combing in general. Massaging the scalp vigorously for 10 to 15 minutes helps stimulate blood circulation and keep hair follicles alive and doing their jobs.

3. If you're losing your hair because of stress, on the other hand, then giving yourself some time to rest and relax would be the best among the hair loss remedies available to you. Neglect is the easiest to remedy. All you need is to muster enough commitment to employ proper care for your hair. Avoid overexposure under direct sunlight. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized so that they may be fed with the proper pH level that they need to say healthy.

4. Try not to use hot styling products more than once a week. When you do use them, be sure to protect your strands. Put some olive oil on your strands before applying heat to your hair. This will create a protective coating on your strands which will keep them moisturized and provide extra protein to compensate for the proteins that may be stripped by the heat.

5. Besides vitamin B, what are the other vitamins for hair loss for women and men. When considering vitamins for hair loss prevention, one simply cannot forget to mention vitamin A. In order to maintain normal hair growth process, it is necessary that the body gets its daily dose of vitamin A. This is an essential nutrient, without which keeping healthy locks of hair is a distant dream. With vitamin A deficiency, hair follicle (tubular structures that contain hair root) cells are susceptible to free radical damage, which in turn induces hair loss. So, eating vitamin A rich foods everyday is one of the pre-requisites to keep male or female pattern baldness at bay. It is the most effective remedy for falling hair. Some of the common sources of vitamin A are green leafy vegetables and dairy products like milk and yogurt.

6. Dong Quai contains phytoestrogens that decrease the production of (DHT) Dihydrotestosterone. Nettle root contains lipids and minerals that stimulate the hair follicles. To stimulate hair growth it is suggested to take a mixture of equal parts of nettle root and Dong Quai. This is considered to be one of the most powerful natural supplements stronger than any other product on the market. When Nettle root is mixed with Saw Palmetto it blocks (DHT) Dihydrotestosterone from inducing hair loss. Note: This is applied externally to the scalp. Leave it on the skin for one hour to absorb. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

7. A scalp massage is one of the most important hair loss home remedies because it clears the way for your strands to receive the minerals and nutrients they need in order to grow. A scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp. Nutrients are carried to the roots in the blood as it travels to the roots. This is why a healthy blood flow is crucial to the health of your hair.

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, herbal treatment for hair loss.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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