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4 important facts you should know about whey protein

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Are you concerned about taking care of your body before and after

strenuous activities or workouts? Do you try to avoid supplements

that contain additives and possible side effects?

If you are interested in better health and improved physical

fitness you have surely heard that bodybuilders and other

athletes are turning to a simple, natural supplement called whey



Protein levels are depleted through exercise. Muscles require

amino acids to prevent deterioration, give endurance and build

mass. Proteins supply these amino acids to the muscles which is

why athletes use whey protein.


Commercial whey protein comes from cow's milk. Whey is the

by-product of making cheese and was usually thrown away as a

waste product. Now researchers know that whey protein is high

quality, natural protein that is rich with amino acids essential

for good health and muscle building. It is naturally found in

mother's milk and also used in baby formula. It is being

considered for use as a fortifier of grain products because of

its considerable health benefits and bland flavor.

Although protein is also found in other foods such as meat, soy

and vegetables, whey protein is proven to have the highest

absorption (digestion) levels in comparison to all others.


Whey protein has many health benefits including immune support,

bone health, sports health, weight management and overall well


Because amino acids are 'building blocks' for the human body it

is sometimes used by patients to speed up the healing of wounds

or burns.

The high quality protein that comes from whey makes it a

recommended choice for those who need optimal benefits from

restricted diets including diabetics, those on weight management

diets and even ill patients not able to consume enough protein in

their diet to assist with healing.


Whey protein is a food and so it does not have have the risks

associated with other supplements. That said, too much of

anything carries risks. Extremely high use of whey protein can

overload the liver which can cause serious problems. Moderation

is always recommended.

If you are lactose intolerant you might try whey protein isolate

which has less than 1% lactose and should be tolerable for most


Whey protein is a natural and healthy way to bring protein into

your diet and increase well being.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes

only and is not intended to medically diagnose, treat or cure any

disease. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any

health care program.

About the author:

Emily Clark is editor at Lifestyle Health News and Medical Health News
where you can find the most up-to-date advice and information on
many medical, health and lifestyle topics.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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