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Five thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur and one includes using a peo

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We have a growing information site for small business owners that are looking into removing administrative burdens (sometimes that help comes in the form of a professional employee organization). However, based on recent conversations we decided to review our thoughts on what traits truly make up a great small businessman. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy task, and without the right people on your side, continuous planning, and constant communication, your business has little chance to thrive.

1. Make the decision. Starting from the very first day you will be faced with decisions (like starting the business in the first place), sometimes they are straightforward, and other times they are difficult. No matter the industry a quick decision is critical to success. The one nugget you can take away from this is that you need to make the decision quickly and then move on. Try not to second guess yourself, time will tell whether it was the best decision or not - simply move fast, be decisive and learn from mistakes along the way.

2. Never forget communication. Call, fax, email, text, go online, face to face meetings - it doesn’t matter, but as your team grows you must do whatever you have to do to make sure everyone is on the same page. Without consistent communication it is just a matter of time for problems to pop up all over the place. More importantly, don’t forget communications with your customers. While we have seen both ends of the spectrum from too much communication to barely a whisper there is a happy medium in staying in front of your customers. Much business is received through referrals so ensure you listen more to your clients than talk at them.

3. Be positive. If employees see a constant positive side from their leader, it will rub off on them. Make sure you give employees the opportunity to follow in that path as this will increase their confidence. Leading by example is important, so being negative will only become a self-fulfilling business killing prophecy. We love the term common today about problems – ‘we see that as another opportunity’. It is funny but it truly is the best way to position business issues that need to be addressed.

4. Being resourceful. We recently read article that over 47 million websites were added to the web world. Now we don’t know what they are but we bet that you might be able to find an opportunity as in a way to build leads, or a way to communicate with others within your industry. The internet is the great equalizer and no one person has all the answers so listen to peers and others outside your industry using Social Media networks – and remember keys to success are many times found outside your domain.

5. Outsource non-core functions. We began developing our small business information site, dedicated to the PEO industry, because of our desire to assist small business entrepreneurs in their success. PEOs helps the entrepreneur keep her eye on her business because PEO companies are handling the small business human resources along with outsourcing payroll. As your business requires more of your time a smart decision would be to find the right peo company, and help you better focus on your strengths (ideally they include the 4 above).

This is by no means an inclusive list because becoming an entrepreneur can be complicated. However if you have a great idea that people are willing to pay for – there is no time like today to get started.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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