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Press releaseentrepreneur runs list sales company from office in his home

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After being fired and told he'd "never work in politics again," Shawn Harmon, incorporated his own list company to compete against his former employer.

Annapolis, MD July 16, 2004 -- After being fired and told he'd "never work in politics again," Shawn Harmon, incorporated his own list company to compete against his former employer. By racking up $50,000 in credit card debt, Mr. Harmon started buying registered voter lists to resell to authorized users. It was a calculated risk; he had some verbal commitments to buy from prospective clients but no signed orders and plenty of mounting personal bills.

Today, over four years later, Mr. Harmon, as President of e-Merges, has grown it into an assembler of multiple lists including: pilots, campaign donors, boat owners, hunter/fishers lists, aircraft owners, and professional occupational licenses.

e-Merges consistently earns a very healthy thirty cents for every dollar in sales because each list is turned over an average of 3 times before the data is repurchased.

The recent competitiveness of the Bush vs. Kerry race has helped fuel the growth of e-Merges too.

But according to Mr. Harmon: "The reason the e-Merges business model works so well is twofold: redundant overhead is eliminated and clients are not forced to buy lists with unneeded add-ons. For example, a recent prospect was quoted $45,000 from a competitor for lists e-Merges ultimately provided for $10,000."

e-Merges is currently developing a franchise plan for entrepreneurial professionals to sell e-Merges mail or phone lists. These independent contractors would sell e-Merges lists from their home. The back office would be handled by e-Merges. Mr. Harmon expects a tripling of sales revenue within 12 months and foresees money conscious and talented stay-at-home soccer moms filling this new role.

Not a bad accomplishment for a guy who was told he would never work in politics again.

About http://www.e-Merges.com ,Inc.

www.e-Merges.com Inc. is emerging as the country's preferred list provider for voter, hunting, boat owner, fishing, donor, and occupational license lists. With over 180 million records, e-Merges has helped locate lost children, helped win campaigns, assisted law enforcement and helped business target relevant prospects.

Investor Contact: Anne Horrigan e-Merges.com, Inc. (410) 353.6894 or www.e-Merges.com Inc. 1694 Anne Court, Ste. 5000, Annapolis, MD 21401-6512

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