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Take responsible for our condition

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Today I Am Claiming My Prosperity

I can not help but to think about Malachi 3:8 - 10. The instructions to Finances were written a long time ago; and I do realize this is a HOT subject to place in print but I believe this with all my Heart, Mind, and Soul.

If Financial Problems are to be overcomed, I ( maybe others) must accept that in relieving the condition itlies within all of us; to make a change today, not tomorrow.

Every one of us must face reality and take responsibility for our condition. If we choose to deny responsibility and blame others for it, the prospect of Financial release is only a DREAM.

No, I am not a Certified Financial Planner but I would like to share some very vital lessons that was shared with me; and I myself am learning from them. I was not given the opportunity in High School to take a course in Financial Planning, so I (maybe others) can understand why when I (maybe others) entered the work force without a plan.

Are you keeping track of where your money goes from each paycheck? Do you keep track of your montly income as well as your monthly out-go?

As soon as I (maybe others) discovered where ALL the money goes, then I (maybe others) can actually begin to plan our finances for a secure finanical future.

Please pay close attention to the advertisements and articles at this website where this article is published, bill boards, in your local community, etc. My advice would be to stay away from GET RICH QUICK PLANS.

DIVORCE is 90% related to FINANCES; so this tells me that I (maybe others) need to seek avenues for our own FINANCES.

There is a Mission for Money.

Homebased Independent Writer and Researcher. Homemaker, Work at home mother, grandmother and wife.

I love to read and have been a book reviewer in the past.

In the past I have also volunteered my services freely to edit devotions for backtothebible.org.

I have served as an usher and assistant sunday school teacher at my church. I am a baptist.

I host the baptist section at BellaOnLine.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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