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Natural ways to get rid of acne quick

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In place of making use of those conventional acne cures out there, have homemade acne remedies ever cross your mind? What exactly do you think that people used to cure their ailments before modern medicine? Possibly they utilized lots of home remedies to clear acne.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and natural nutrients and that your body desperately needs to repair your skin and other vital organs. It is thought that foods that are rich in sulfur may also be valuable since it aids in the treatment of acne topically. You should also drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday to flush your system of toxins.

Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder. Note that this remedy is not for sensitive skin.

Take the vitamin niacin 3 times per day in 100 mg doses. In fact, use these 2 acne cures together. The zinc and the niacin can be taken together to make things easier. Cosmetics are not a valid line of acne control, but they can camouflage an acute acne outbreak. One must remember, however, that any kind of topically applied oil-based compound will aggravate acne. This especially applies to foundation creams, the longest lasting of which are generally oil-based (or oleaginous). Specifically, the ingredients to avoid include isopropyl myristate, isopropyl esters, oleic acid, stearic acid, petrolatum and lanolin. Lower quality cosmetic brands will not mention the presence or absence of such compounds on the label. It is not wise to use these. Alcohol-based cosmetics are preferable to oil-based ones.

Staying hydrated by drinking a glass of water every hour or so will flush out toxins and help to clear up skin. Eating nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, eggs and cold-water fish will provide wholesome nutrition and vitamins needed for healthy skin. Avoid fatty and junk foods. Rich in saturated fat, sugar and chemicals, these foods do more harm to acne-prone skin than any other thing.

There are always bacteria on the skin. Some of it is good bacteria, which help to keep the skin and body healthy, while other types of bacteria cause disease. Experts feel that some forms of bacteria lead to more severe acne like cystic acne and nodular acne, both of which are difficult to treat.

Baking soda - A very cheap cooking ingredient that most people have in their homes already, baking soda can be used as a great scrub. The purpose of a scrub is to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin that can eventually clog pores and lead to acne spots. A toner is a must for skin care. The skin has an acid mantel on it. This acid mantel protects the skin from harmful bacteria, which can invade pores. An inexpensive toner can be made at home using one part raw apple cider vinegar to nine parts purified water or a special herbal tincture-tea liquid. In a pinch, a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice can be substituted for the vinegar. As a rule, the vinegar will keep longer than one use and the mixture can be kept in a bathroom.
Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on acne treatment, eczema treatment.

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