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Write an essay conclusion

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The most important part of any essay is determining what you will say, how you are going to say it, and then ending that message by making sure that the reader understood what was said. Of course, these three parts are the introduction, body, and conclusion of an essay. The introduction is key when you write an essay because it gives the audience a glimpse into the subject, and provides the writer with an opportunity to state the thesis of the overall essay. The body elaborates the theme when I write my essay, but the conclusion may be the most important and difficult part.

To write an essay conclusion a few distinct pieces are needed to make sure that everything has been covered. I can write my essay conclusion in such a way that it is easy to ascertain the key point of the essay.

Restate the Thesis.
In the introductory section of the essay you told the reader what the essay was about, what they could expect as far as structure, and gave the audience an easy to understand thesis statement that you elaborated upon in the body. The thesis statement is that argument that an essay is formed around. In the conclusion, the thesis does not have to be stated directly, but when you write an essay you do need to make sure that the reader remembers the key points.

Further Research.
This may sound like something I would put in when writing a research paper, but when I write my essay I want the audience to have a full grasp of the subject. Under this heading the reader can either be pointed toward extra reading material or be given questions that they can follow up on.

Wrap it Up.
When I write my essay I want the audience to know it is finished. Sometimes writers will end an essay like it is some kind of Saturday matinee movie cliffhanger. You do not want the reader to think that they are missing something when they finish reading what you have written. They need to be able to go away with some nuggets that will be useful and lasting. This is why the conclusion is so important. More than any other part of the paper, a reader will judge you by the conclusion because when you write an essay it is the final piece of the puzzle. No one wants to leave an article that they are reading with questions unanswered. It is the writer's job to make sure that the essay is completely finished.

An essay is usually written to either persuade, argue a certain point, or simply to inform. When the argument is finished, and you think that you have successfully argued your pint, do not leave any doubt in the reader's mind. Leave them with the confidence of a well completed work that ensures them that the point you have taken is valid and necessary. A poorly written essay can be propped up with a well worded conclusion, and conversely a well written essay can be torn down with a poor ending.

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