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Keyword assistant - grab your targeted traffic

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When people search online for keyword assistant they will often get two main results, one is for an IPhoto plugin, but for the purposes of this article we are going to concentrate on finding quality keywords for your online business web sites.

Creating a keyword list for your online business should be your number 1 job. After all, a good keyword list is as close to being able to legally print money as you can get.

The keywords you choose will go a long way to determine not only the amount of traffic you get but also the quality of the traffic you get.

A lot of people online will talk about 'targeted' traffic, but what in the world does that mean? Well, when it comes to online traffic, quality is so much better than quantity.

You only want to get visitors to your website who are interested in your product or service. It just doesn't do you any good if you get thousands of visitors to your website but don't make any sales. After all, sales is ultimately what it is all about.

So, if you choose the keywords that will deliver the visitors to your website who are truly interested in your product or service, many more of them will actually take the action you want them to take, whether that is to buy something or to sign up to your email list.

This is a common mistake that people who are new to internet marketing make, they see a keyword that gets hundreds of thousands of searches a month and they jump on it. The problem is what they don't take into consideration is the fact that those highly searched keywords also have a ton of competition.

For the most part, you are simply not going to be able to compete again that much competition. Instead, don't even try. Find great keywords that get fewer searches but also have fewer competitors.

If you compile a large list of keywords that get 1,500 or more searches a month than you will have a great shot at ranking well for many of the keywords on your list. Ranking high for 10 keywords that each get 1,500 searches or more a month will actually deliver a lot of traffic for you.

The exact parameters you want for your keyword list may vary somewhat depending on what niche you are in and what you are using the keywords for (SEO,PPC, article marketing, etc.). Take some time to test and tweak your results until you find just the right combination of monthly searches and low competition.

Keyword research can often be a long and tedious process, but it is also a necessary one. Good keywords can do so much to improve your search engine rankings (which results in providing you with a ton of free traffic) as well as help you drive traffic with other methods.

Consider this article your keyword assistant
and use this information to hone your keyword list building skills.

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