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Online traffic website - drive online traffic without money

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If you are finding it difficult to get online traffic website visitors, I will give you a short list of two specific ways you can implement with little or no money. Now do not think this will be an overnight success type of thing because it won't. You will need to put in the time to get the results you need. None of these techniques I will show you are all that hard but they will take some time. So, it's now or never...let's get started.

Like I said there are two ways you can concentrate on to increase the number of your online traffic website visitors. My advice, start with one and take it to completion then do the same thing with the next one. Do not get yourself all confused and everything. Nothing will be accomplished then.

1. Write articles - Even if you do not consider yourself much of a writer, you can still do this. Who knows more about your product or service than you? No one. So who better to write an article about it? Writing articles is an awesome free way to generate traffic. All you need is 500 words, so sit down and start typing.

One tip for writing, keep it interesting. If they do not like what they are reading or you do not keep their attention they will just end up going away and you won't sell a thing. Give it a try, I think you will be pleased with the result and feel better for have made the effort.

After you are finished with your article, sign up at one of the article directories and submit it for approval and publication. Sign ups are free to these article directories. You do need to understand that you cannot submit the exact same article to different directories. Each article has to be original content, no duplicates allowed.

2. Start a blog. Search engines love them, absolutely. The search engine will reward you for giving them what they want which is an ongoing source of fresh content. They will reward you by giving your blog a high ranking and a first page placement.

Here's basically how it works, you start a blog specific to your niche, let's say that your niche is bird houses. You do keyword research and find a long list of good, niche related keywords to target. You optimize your blog and all your blog posts with these keywords. If you add content frequently your website will slowly move up in the results pages and eventually, if you're lucky, end up on the first page.

Just remember the rules and do not post to your blog more than once a day you will just undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. The search engine may love blogs but not if you overdo it with the posts. They will send you the other way down the results pages if you misbehave.

So, if you've optimized your site for the keyword "best bird houses" and you supply a lot of quality content, your blog will show up on page one for the term "best bird houses" and your online traffic website visitors will increase. the rules and do not post to your blog more than once a day you will just undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. The search engine may love blogs bu

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