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What exactly is web hosting-almost like renting storage

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Are you a confident computer user? Are you a confident internet user? Do you spend time browsing the internet or even meeting friends and making new friends on social networking websites? Do you do a lot of your communicating through emails? Even though you may be very confident and experienced at these computer and internet skills, when it comes to creating and maintaining a website it may all seem a little foreign. If you are a newbie to website creating then the first thing that you need to do is get yourself some web hosting to host your website.

So what is web hosting?

Web hosting is relatively easy to understand and it won’t take you long to learn everything that you need to learn about it. Web hosting is a little like renting a store in a shopping mall. If you have a store where you want to sell products, you can go to a shopping mall and rent some of their space. Likewise, if you have a website you can go to a web hosting company and rent some of their server space to host your site.

If you don't have a website then your site will just be a bunch of files sitting on your computer. You need to upload those files up onto the internet for your website to be visible to others. But where do you upload those files? You need to hire some space to upload those files to and you do that through a web hosting company.

Another way to look at web hosting is to think of a giant computer with heaps and heaps of disk space. Customers then pay to use some of that disk space to allow their website to be visible online. The space on that giant computer is space on the web host server that you pay to use to host your website.

The only difference to that example is that a web host isn't a giant computer but rather a server and they can provide space on that server for their customers to use. You might be thinking what is a server? A server is a type of computer that connects different computers via the internet. They also store and manage information which is where they come in for hosting people's websites. Servers also provide storage and data backup as well as providing internet and email access. You would have used servers while surfing the internet without even realizing it.

If you don't have web hosting then no-one will be able to see your website. You need to have your website on some server space so that people can view the site from their computers. The web hosting enables people all over the world to be able to see your website.

There are a couple of other services that web hosting companies provide such as being able to register a domain name. You will also be able to set up email accounts connected to your domain name. Lastly, a web host will allow you to be able to back up your data online.

That is the basics of web hosting, if you have a website or you are thinking of creating a website, then you will need web hosting to make that site visible to the world.

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