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Do you need high capacity web hosting-tips to help decide

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If you are wondering what type of hosting you need you might wonder whether you need high capacity web hosting. If you have a website that has many specific technical configurations or receives a lot of daily visitors then you might wonder if a high capacity plan would provide you with more disk space and a faster speed for the benefit of your customers. You may have been considering high capacity web hosting for a while but just aren't sure whether you really need it or not.

The first thing you will want to look at is the bandwidth that you are receiving with your current hosting plan and whether your website is functioning well with that bandwidth. If you don't know a lot about bandwidth then think of it as a pipe and the information from your website flows through that pipe to your customers. If you have a lot of customers visiting your website at once then that pipe needs to be wide enough to allow enough information to go through to all of those customers. If that pipe isn't wide enough to handle the number of customers visiting your site then the pipe will get backed up and your site will be very slow to load for your customers. If you have a lot of customers are you are finding that your site is becoming slow to load then you might need more pipes, or more bandwidth. If this is the case then you might need a higher capacity web hosting plan.

There are a lot of different web hosting packages available on the internet and many of them are labelled as high capacity. Although many are labelled as high capacity they offer different features so different web hosts have different ideas of what high capacity hosting is. Some web hosting companies increase bandwidth from 10GB up to 50GB a month and increase storage space from 500MG to 2GB and then label that package as high capacity. Some web hosts will also add more FTP accounts and SQL databases, maybe even some extra sub domains, email accounts and other features.

Regular shared hosting is not always appropriate for large websites that receive a lot of traffic so these sites need to look for some other type of larger hosting. There are dedicated server hosting packages but these usually come at a high price and can be quite confusing and difficult to manage. Some web hosts will offer a high capacity hosting package where some servers are used by only twenty accounts or less, so they are still a shared hosting but shared between less accounts. With this type of hosting there is usually more bandwidth and disk space allocated than with regular shared hosting. Of course a package like this will cost more than regular shared hosting but it is still less expensive than dedicated server hosting and much easier to manage.

Of course high capacity dedicated server hosting is also an option if you choose but they aren't always necessary for all busy websites but are more for those sites that are extremely large and busy. Dedicated servers can be very expensive and they also require the user to have quite a bit of technical knowledge.

If you are in need of high capacity hosting then shop around and see what each hosting provider has to offer and you can find some great deals with hosting that is still easy to manage.

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