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Earning money as a website hosting reseller-help in todays economy

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The job market today is not in a good state and more and more people are finding themselves unemployed. It can be difficult to find a job and just as difficult to start your own business. Starting a business requires a lot of start up cash and there is never a guarantee of success. As such, many people are turning to the internet to try and earn money. One way that people are earning money online is by becoming a website hosting reseller.

You don't need a lot of experience to begin your own hosting reseller company and it doesn't cost much up front. If you have some computer experience or any hosting or internet experience then having your own reseller account will be a walk in the park. Even without any experience, it is relatively simple and won't take long to learn the ropes. There are many software plans that are simple and walk you through the process teaching you everything you need to know about having your own hosting reseller business.

A lot of web designers will go down the path of creating their own web hosting business. Web design and web hosting business can go hand in hand quite nicely. Web designers are in high demand but there is also a lot of competition out there for web design and so it is handy to have a second income of a web hosting business and the web hosting business can also bring in more web design clients. When your web design work becomes well known around the internet then you will gain more clients for both web design projects and web hosting customers. You can even create a package to give your web design clients a discount for web hosting.

Many people who set up web hosting reseller businesses will successfully look for clients in their local area. You can actually have clients worldwide for web hosting, but often your local area may be an area where there is little competition so it is a great place to start. When you are looking for clients worldwide you have a lot of competition with many of the larger hosting companies spending a lot of money on advertising and this can be difficult to compete with. If you focus on clients in your local area you will have less competition and you can do a lot of offline advertising and communicating to gain new clients.

Making money as a hosting reseller isn't difficult and doesn't require much money to begin. You can start off small and work your way up as you slowly gain more clients. You can purchase different hosting reseller packages so you can start off with a cheaper package and then when you gain more clients upgrade to a higher package. If you are paying $15 per month for your reseller package you can charge $10 a month to your clients and if you have 10 clients then you will earn $100 a month, minus your $15 expense and you have a profit of $85. If you upgrade to a higher package when you gain more clients you may then spend $25 a month and have 30 clients at $10 each, making $300 minus $25 expense gives you a profit of $275.

The more clients that you have the more profit you will make and it isn't a big investment for you to start out. In fact you just need 2 clients and your initial $15 investment is covered. With a little advertising and a bit of effort to find new clients you can be well on your way to a very lucrative web hosting reseller business.

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