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All about web hosting for beginners-tips to aid with choosing

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It can be a bit overwhelming choosing a web hosting company when you are first starting out as a webmaster. There are quite a lot of hosting companies online and the more you look at the more confusing it can get. They each offer different hosting packages and features and if you are new you may not understand what any of it means. Looking through all the different information from different hosting companies can be a nightmare and even then it is hard to know which company is the best. So what do you look for when choosing a web hosting provider? Let's take a look at some information about what to look for in a good web host.

The first thing you want to decide is whether you need shared hosting or a dedicated hosting account. Shared hosting is suitable for most people and if you are just starting out with one or two websites then shared hosting should be fine. Shared hosting is very affordable and prices start from around $5 a month up to $15 a month. When you use shared hosting you are basically sharing the hosting company's servers with other clients and as such the resources are also shared. This is not an issue at all as the hosting company’s servers are huge and you can have a lot of websites on your hosting and not run out of space. However, if you have more detailed configuration requirements then you might not want a basic shared hosting and may benefit from dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting and this is because with this type of hosting your website will have its own server dedicated to you for your site, it isn't shared with anyone else. Because the hosting company can't share the server with anyone else and has it dedicated to one person then they charge more for that server usage. Dedicated hosting can cost $100 a month or even more.

Company websites or websites that receive very large amounts of traffic will benefit from dedicated hosting but if you have a small website, or even multiple small websites then shared hosting is all that you need.

Once you have decided on either shared or dedicated hosting, then you will need to consider some other information about your hosting.

Hosting providers will give some great packages to sell their service. Many packages will include unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and bandwidth and unlimited email addresses. If you are planning on having multiple websites then this could be a great deal. But unlimited amounts of these things may sound a little be good to be true and there may actually be a catch. If a hosting provider gave complete unlimited amounts of bandwidth and disk space then there could be some very big websites taking up incredible amounts of space and bandwidth all for one low price. Even when 'unlimited' is claimed there is often a limit on that, so just make sure that you read all the details to get the true features of a package.

You will want to get a good deal on the price of your hosting plan and with competition comes good pricing deals. Just beware of those hosting plans that are too cheap and remember that you get what you pay for. If you go for the cheapest hosting plan that you can find there will be a good chance that you will have an inferior plan with inferior customer service. It is often a good idea to choose a web host that offers good, basic services at an average price and try to read some reviews and get an idea of what other people think of particular hosting providers. If you read a lot of negative reviews on one particular web host provider then that might be one to stay away from.

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