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Different types of web hosting

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Now that you have decided to setup your website, the next obvious step is to find a Web Hosting provider. If you a newbie, technical jargons related to web hosting can be very confusing. But do not worry; we are here to take you through the maze so that you can choose web hosting according to your needs. In this article we will discuss what all types of webhosting are there.

Shared Hosting: The most popular type of web hosting as of now. The reason is that shared web hosting is very economical which may mean just couple of dollars per month. Shared hosting means that that the server is shared by many other websites. The resources like bandwidth, disk space, memory and processing power are shared by all websites hosted on that server. While many will say that shared hosting suffers from lack of quality the truth is that shared hosting is most suitable for majority of websites. Though, there are some concerns regarding uptime, bandwidth and disk space, these can be addressed if you opt for shared hosting from some reliable hosting company. A bit of research can help you in evaluating the quality and reliability of these servers. Also, find out if they have user friendly control panel through which you can administer the website easily.

Dedicated Server: If your website or web application needs lot of resources like disk space, computing speed, memory, bandwidth and reliability then dedicated server is the way to go. Only one website is hosted on each dedicated server. It will not share any resources with any other website. The server will be placed in the Web Hosting Company's data center under full supervision of the web hosting company. For a company which needs hosting solution for major online businesses and with lot of traffic then dedicated server is the best choice. One important thing to decide is if you want the server to be managed or unmanaged. Managed servers are suitable in cases where you do not want to go in to nitty-gritty of the server and want to just manage the website. In case, a company has full technical support and knowledge of managing a server then they can opt for unmanaged dedicated hosting. With this you will have a greater control over the dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server: Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is something in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. If you need a hosting solutions more powerful than shared hosting but less than that of a dedicated server then VPS hosting is suitable. This form of web hosting has a virtualization of a server being split into several "virtual" servers. Next to shared hosting, virtual private servers are most popular type of hosting. In VPS hosting you will get root level access to the server easily. Virtual private servers allow you more customizable solutions.

Cloud Computing: This is the latest entrant in Web Hosting. Perhaps, this is the future of all web hosting. In this form of hosting you will consume resources as a service and pay only for the resources they use. It is very easy and quick to upgrade a server automatically. It has all the power and flexibility of a dedicated hosting. This characteristic of cloud computing-its elasticity-means that customers no longer need to predict traffic and resource consumption, but can promote their sites aggressively and spontaneously. Engineering for peak traffic is no longer needed.

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