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Is it time for a maryland website design firm to make over your site

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While the old expression “don't judge a book by its cover” is wise advice for human interaction, it is actually the opposite when evaluating a website. People often judge the entire site by their first impression. Here are a few reasons why you may want to call a Maryland website design firm to revamp your business website.
Uninvited Pictures
When people see pictures of your building or shop on your website, is the parking lot empty? When visitors look at the pictures of the inside of the business, is it just as empty too? People are drawn to what other people like. Seeing a parking lot full of cars draws attention. Seeing a retail or office with multiple people walking around, talking and asking questions piques curiosity.
It is important to have a healthy supply of pictures on the website that properly depict the company's typical workday. Use the advantage of a rotating photo box on the front page of your site. The box can rotate five different pictures so that people can see multiple angles of the shop and interactions between employees and customers.
Outdated Pictures
While it is important to have lots of inviting pictures, it is also crucial that the pictures are up to date. If the current temperature outside is 94 degrees and the exterior shot of your business shows snow or Christmas decorations, then it is time to update the photo. If the interior shot of the business shows a carpet or paint scheme that your company changed 5 years ago, it is time for a new picture. Talking to a Maryland website design expert can give you ideas on how often the pictures need to be changed.
Information that is Easy to Find
People visit your website for one primary reason; to get information. Whether it is the primary operating hours, address to the location, current promotions, new products or the price on a product people want to know things about your company. If people cannot find the information they are looking for then they will leave the site and go to one of your competitor's.
It is important to have a clear site map. Every page of the website should have a clearly marked link that goes to the home page. For a retail establishment there needs to be a prominent link to “products” on every page. For service organizations there should be a “services” tab or link that people can see from every spot on the site. A Maryland website design expert can help lay out these links and also devise a testimonial page where people can leave comments bragging about your company.
Content that Engages the Reader
The information on the website needs to grab the attention of the reader and sell the service or product. The content needs to have the proper keywords that people are searching for and the material needs to be presented in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Keeping the reader's attention through concise and clear information will ensure readers convert to buyers.

Larry Chandler is a freelance writer for Maryland Website Design, a firm focusing on website development Maryland. To see a portfolio of their successful sites and learn more about web design Maryland, visit their site Maryland-websitedesign.com

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