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Open source vs microsoft

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Microsoft is making strides with many development platforms, with their latest “Microsoft Expression Studio 4”, designed to make website design and development more efficient. Microsoft Expression Studio 4 allows web designers and developers to join together and create applications that are dynamic. Microsoft is endeavoring to make web design more flexible, faster, and improve upon the level of customer engagement, with more streamlined creation and easy video publishing. Website Design PA companies can then use Microsoft’s latest professional suite of design tools to better convey to clients and customers how the end result of their website or design project will be, and then finish the process to deliver a successful final product.

The benefit of Microsoft web design software is that it’s used by many companies and comes with a great reputation and support. Companies that do website design in PA understand that an effective website contains great content and information that can be shared through a variety of mediums and experiences for customers exploring the web on a variety of devices, from computers, tablets, an iPad, eReaders, and mobile devices. Web development and design with Microsoft’s innovation has made it possible for users to have a rich experience with any device and is anticipated to allow websites better visibility on search engines. But Microsoft can be expensive and often comes laden with security issues, licensing fees, and be expensive to host. Additionally, Microsoft code and products are classically non-intuitive and non user-friendly.

The competitor to this is open source web design and development software, with Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress, and Ecommerce platforms such as Magento. They create great quality and reliable website frameworks that support independent peer review, created by thousands of talented developers in public collaboration. Though this is a benefit, it can also be considered a negative, as the quality of the code is never 100% certain as it’s been developed by teams all over the world, as opposed to Microsoft which has “quality control” measures in place, as all code is developed in-house. Open source software is shareable and has excellent readability, meaning any developer who’s knowledgeable in your software framework may work on your website, or any open source developer. You have the freedom to share your website with any development company you choose, but web designers and developers can only make changes if they have access to your hosting server. They’re then able to make changes to your source code.

Like Microsoft, open source software is capable of building flexible and differentiated high-quality applications for mobile devices as well. Another benefit to open source software is the lower costs—using open source software can effectively minimize expenses, saving you money on both licensing and maintenance fees. Pennsylvania Web Design Company is happy to help you find the best open source software that’ll meet your needs and company requirements. It’s easy to assess, develop, and then design an open source website that’s customized for your organization.

One drawback to open source software is customer support. You could encounter issues getting support for open source software (with Drupal for instance), that you wouldn’t encounter when using commercial software, as venders are obligated to assist you. But it’s easy enough to find answers, because forums are full of support. For open source applications, you may have to pay someone to fix it if your question or problem can’t be found on forms or can’t be answered by other developers.

Web Design PA companies can work with you to determine which software would be best for your business. Learn more about Web Design in PA and how businesses create affordable and well-functioning websites for companies and small businesses.

Erica Ronchetti works for PA website Design, a specialist in Web Design in PA (Pennyslvania). PA Website Design is a famous Pennsylvania Web Design Company specializes in Web Design PA & Website Design services in PA.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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