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Powerful video encoding software for websites

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Movavi is a leading developer of multimedia processing technology, including video encoding servers suitable for integration with many different types of website. newest recent product targeted at business users is Aviberry Video Encoding Server (AVES). This video encoding software is ideal for business users who need to optimize their online video content. The software is fully scalable and provides an exceptionally high degree of performance and reliability. Companies can also save on web-traffic costs by using this well-optimized solution. Using AVES, can finally have complete control over their online video encoding services. It is ideal for those who need exceptional performance, scalability and reliability.

Aviberry is ideal for any business that regularly uses video content on their website. This solution is perfect for any company that provides online multimedia services, since it is fully optimized to save bandwidth and provide optimal results. AVES offers value for many different types of online services. For example, a stable and high-performing video encoding solution is essential for any video sharing website. It can also be useful for online backup vendors, many content providers, social networking sites, travel sites and more. Simply put, any organization that needs video encoding services on their website will benefit from using AVES.

There are a number of benefits that set Aviberry Video Encoding Server apart from the rest. Movavi's solution is particularly fast and accurate, providing all of the features that businesses need for their online multimedia services. The software is used very successfully with Movavi's own Aviberry SaaS video conversion service, and also for Movavi Online, a powerful multimedia conversion service for home users. For maximum performance, the video encoder can also take advantage of NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology and Intel® Media hardware. With support for these technologies, the encoding process can by anything up to ten times faster. The speed of encoding also depends on other factors, such as the available hardware and the media formats used. Nevertheless, Aviberry is one of the fastest video encoders on the market.

Reliability and stability are also essential characteristics for any professional video encoding server, and Aviberry is one of the most reliable such products on the market. Assuming there is nothing wrong with the original video file, conversion will be fast and 100% accurate. Aviberry supports many different multimedia devices and formats, including high-definition video. There are also 26 presets included, one for each type of device or format. This makes the software more user-friendly as well. It also includes some useful video editing features, including the ability to modify the bitrate, framerate and dimensions of the output file. Videos can also be split, joined or cropped, and watermarks added automatically.

Learn more about the Aviberry Video Encoding Server at http://www.aviberry.com/. If you need high quality, performance and stability, this is the perfect solution. It is also highly scalable and the integration process is as straightforward as it could possibly be.

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