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Best places to go for waterslides

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What are the top five best places to go for waterslides? I know you have all heard about our neighbor to the north, "The waterpark Capital of the World", the Wisconsin Dells, right? There are some pretty awesome water slides in the Dells but they are not the only ones and I have compiled a list of the top five water parks in the US for your enjoyment.

Water parks have become very popular vacation destinations for families. Amusement parks are all getting on the bandwagon, too by adding water parks to their already huge expanse of amusement park areas. Water themed rides are huge.

Let's take a look at some of the best places to go for waterslides, shall we?

I think we should include in our list the very first waterpark to ever have opened, Wet and Wild. First opened in 1977 Wet and Wild has several slides and rides to thrill even the most daring. The best thing about Wet and Wild is the Bomb Bay. The Bomb Bay sends you spiraling down a 76-foot slide after opening a trap door right out from under you.

The next water park I would like to introduce you to is the Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana. With splash pools and water coasters and a waterslide that is 100 feet high you will most definitely find some fun here. With the price of admission to the water park you get a complimentary admission to the amusement park next door and free soft drinks all day. You could easily have the time of your life in this water park/amusement park.

In Denver Colorado, Water World does all the specialized water rides and also includes many rafting excursions for you and your family to enjoy. With all kinds of special effects and story lines with props you will not get bored at this water park. Try the 60 foot plunge from the Bermuda Triangle only to find yourself spinning away in a giant bowl at the bottom. Or, how about the Ragin' Colorado? This ride takes you through a water maze on a tube raft. Sounds like fun to me.

What better vacation destination for you and your kids but Disney? Disney World has two separate water parks. The first one we will discuss is Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is considered the more family friendly of the two water parks with less extreme water attractions and rides. One of the better attractions at the Typhoon Lagoon is the 1,200 foot long raft ride. Nice and relaxing for the entire family.

Then, we have Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach is for the card-carrying extreme risk taker. This is where the tallest water slide in the US is located. The Summit Plummet stands 121 feet tall and the vertical drop will have you speeding toward the bottom at speeds of 55 miles per hour. Zoom, zoom, zoom. Definitely not for the faint of heart or someone who is afraid of heights. Remember, to come down, you have to climb up, yikes! Blizzard Beach is definitely one of the best places to go for waterslides in the US.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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