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Businesses form a common front in puerto penasco

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A common front to strengthen the private sector, while guiding Puerto Penasco to a better future are the objectives behind the creation of the local Business Coordination Council, under the leadership of its incoming President, Oscar Palacio Soto.

These objectives were revealed on January 20 th during the swearing in ceremony of the council's first board of directors. The council is made up of members from the National Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of the Fishing Industry, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Association of Tourism Developers, as well as members from professional groups of accountants, engineers, and architects.

Following the formal swearing in of the civil association's board, State President of the Business Coordination Council, Victor Arriola Mayer, spoke and stressed that the synergy of business organizations plays an important part in communities such as Puerto Penasco.

He clarified the intent of the Business Coordination Council is not compete with other existing organizations, but rather to establish true coordination and serve as mediator for issues that may arise between organizations or already established enterprises.

This new organization, he added, undoubtedly will help bring together tremendous commonalities and agreements, and serve an effective tool in working with authorities from the three levels of government, financial institutions, and independent entities, all centered on the common goal of promoting Puerto Penasco.

Arriola Mayer remarked the current situation represents valuable opportunities for revitalizing companies and optimizing resources. He added that during an electoral year such as this one, it is necessary for society to participate more in development and towards a good union between public and private sectors.

The recently appointed president of the local Business Coordination Council, Oscar Palacio Soto, stated that Puerto Penasco is at the correct time to join efforts and guide everyone toward a better future.

After going over recent collapses in the local economy, he stressed that within the realm of tourism they had never anticipated what currently occurring due to the real estate crisis. Therefore, he urged, they must search for and find ways to get ahead, through dialog concerning common objectives and joint efforts.

Palacio Soto indicated this organization will provide benefits to the community as it seeks to find alternatives and evaluate impacts created by different local businesses.

Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez affirmed that in these difficult times it is essential to look at things in a more realistic light, because the reality is that businesses have not been taken care of in Puerto Penasco and therefore many have been affected by the economic crisis.

The Mayor congratulated the participants of the Business Coordination Council for their intent on working together to search for alternatives to assist in solving problems while creating better productive and economic conditions, with the common goal of working to benefit Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) through organization and unity.

It is necessary we adjust to the times we are living in, and it's great that business people are getting organized, because there is no other way through which Penasco is going to get betterӔ, remarked the City leader.

Various people were on hand for the swearing in of the new organization, including local representative Sergio Cuellar Yescas, Rebeca Castelo Valenzuela, on behalf of the Secretary of the Economy, developers, notary publics, representatives from different business and commercial offices, as well as those from many local businesses.

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Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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