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Rocky point mexico - what a place to be

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We who live and play in Rocky Point are spoiled. This area restores a person's very being and essence. You can came here tired and discouraged, feeling at odds with the world, and when you are ready to leave you find it very hard to leave. Your spirit has been lifted and soothing contentment has creeped in. it seems to affect almost everyone the same way.

I have many people, from many different walks of life, what it is about Rocky Point that they love and what it is that keeps pulling them back. Here is a few of the responses: Nick and Paula Melcher, who live in Tucson and used to live in Montana, say they seize every opportunity to come to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco).

They have been coming for 13 years, have a camper and often stayed at Playa de Oro. They enjoy the ability to get away from stress and demands of their jobs and come here for relaxation and relish the charm of the ocean and the change of peace. Paula says she particularly likes to be away from phones. Their son, Henry Melcher, married his wife, Kathy, here in 2003 and they rented the whole ship for the celebration of their wedding.

Catherine Patrick, who lives in Las Conchas, first came to this area in the early 80's. She built a house in 1997 and lives here full time. Sandy Spain, who lives in Playa Encanto, bought a small house there in 1985. The house sits on a hill and she can look out every window and see the ocean, which she loves. She moves full time to Rocky Point in 2002.

Kerstin Wilson is 82 years old and lives in a RV Park in the Mirador area. She is originally from Sweden and has been coming to Rocky Point for 50 years and has lived here full time for many years.

Elaine Stanfield, who lives in las conchas part time, enjoys more that anything the simple life. She likes feeling comfortable in her old grubbies when she stops to see a friend, or go to lunch and not have to dress up. She is grateful that you can find such a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and does not have to spend much money.

As for me, the thing I find most enchanting about this whole area is the strong feeling of Qi. When I see the waves pounding against the shore, feel the wind blowing my hair, smell the fresh ocean air, and sense the warm sun caressing my body, I truly feel uplifted and blessed.

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Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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