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The rules of dating, vacationing and compatibility

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Romantic Getaway - Travel Survival Tips

Vacations, distant destinations and a new amour conjure the unexpected. The insecurity of unfamiliar surroundings can surface irreconcilable differences amongst young love in bloom.

In Corona beer commercials, romantic getaways are depicted as tranquil solitude during a breathtaking sunset. Beyond the scenic print ads of exotic travel escapes, one story is left untold. It is the reality of pandemonium. Traveling can make or break a new relationship.

Very rarely, do travel agencies, reservationists and airlines purport the trials and tribulations of vacation inconveniences:

? Lost or stolen luggage ? Delayed itineraries ? Security gate groping ? Language barriers ? Missing reservations ? Overbooked flights ? Crowded check-ins

Despite the frustrations and aggravations of travel, it may serve as a fast study on the future of a potential significant other. Vacationing has a way of revealing one's true colors.

It was a weekend trip to NYC when Jenny Aldridge (28) found out that her lover was a manic depressant who failed to take medication for treat his chemical imbalance. "When Kevin was not under the influence of alcohol he was unbearable. I'm relieved that I found out early. It saved me months of another failed relationship," shares Aldridge.

"My trip to the Greek Isles was the most hellish" trip, EVER" states Landon McDaniels (36). He had been dating Shawna for 2 months when he invited her to set sail from Santorini to other neighboring islands of Greece. Since, McDaniels was chartering a boat with a crew of two other people, he assumed his girlfriend would pitch in with some of the onboard duties. "Little did I know, I was dating a prima Donna who whined about everything.and sulked in the cabin most of the day," articulates Landon.

Traveling with a new significant other does not always represent a nightmare situation. When Stephanie and Greg went to Paris together, they learned how they shared a curiosity for non-touristy spots. Their compatibility was depicted in their similar traveling style.

The author of "Dating For I Do," Holly Bentz, recommends taking an early vacation within the first three months of the relationship. A 48-hour getaway can be very telling compared with the time spent on a regular date. While new lovers may think that they are altering their lifestyle during travel, they really are not.

Consequently, it is appropriate to be respectful of another's life choices. Most couples place high expectations on the romantic getaway. "Unfortunately, the relationship faux pas can cause excessive undue stress. The best approach entails fairly evaluating a prospective significant other for the bigger picture, the fate of the relationship," states dating expert, Bentz.

Live by the following travel strategies to make your romantic getaway an escape filled with compatibility:

? Book a short trip. Instead of opting for the week in Santo Domingo, try the weekend getaway.

? Learn about their travel style. If your vacationing partner prefers to schedule every available minute with activities and you are more of a spontaneous traveler - set some guidelines.

? Plan moderate itinerary in advance. Formulize a few common interest activities to include in the getaway.

? Make light of underlying differences. Before making an issue of incidental situations, make light of conflicts. Remember, that you are traveling with someone you care about versus Satan's reject.

? To quell conflicts be flexible. Conflicts may arise from bringing a lap top, to watching a soap opera or playing video games. The idea is to diffuse any simmering differences.

? Spend a little time apart. Keeping the peace can sometimes mean ducking away to the driving range or spa.

? Mind your P's and Q's in the restroom. The bathroom may represent a battlefield for many couples. To accommodate the other person, use the hotel bathroom, wake up a little earlier to use the facility or simply request a double sink.

? Avoid altercations. On the trip, skirt arguments and make minor notes about essential differences. The disparities are indicators of the future endurance of your relationship.

Whatever you discover about your prospective significant other, remember to keep it all in its proper perspective: "You are on vacation to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy!"
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