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Things to remember while choosing flooring tile and granite countertops

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When you choose a certain flooring and countertops material that would form the ground of your house, there are many factors that contribute to this very difficult decision. You want your floor to be sturdy and tough, yet according to your mind it should also be elegant and eye-catching. There are many for you to go for one particular material while shunning all the rest. Likewise, you may have very strong justifications as to why you opted or will opt for a tiled floor along with countertops and why you did not or may not. Let us take this analysis step by step for the sake of your better comprehension and understanding.

Even before the money factor, there is the health of you and your family to consider. You do not want to go for anything that may endanger them. Considering carpeting, it might pose some health hazards. People who might have some kind of allergies may suffer from breathing difficulties or even skin irritation and infections. Installing wooden floors will also be unadvised. Wood is the natural habitat for pests like termites to grow. Thus, your floor along with countertop provides them with the perfect living and breeding ground. This can cause some serious health risks and in extreme cases even fatal hazards. Going for tiles, consequently, is the best option for you. The tiles that are used to make up the floors and countertops do not threat the health of your family members in any way. They do not cause any allergies and the way they are tightly and closely fitted together provides no space for pests to use as a breeding ground.

Tiles are much cheaper as compared to its alternative, wooden flooring and countertops. As wood is a natural material and can not be artificially produced, it is more expensive to obtain in the form of finished planks for flooring and countertops. On the other hand, granite tiles can be synthetically produced so they are available in abundance. Resultantly, they cost much less to get your hands on.

Granite Tiles are not all sunny with any dark side. One of its greatest weaknesses is that it is more susceptible to breakage as compared to other flooring and countertop materials. If a heavy object falls on a tile it will break and show many cracks and broken edges. The only solution to counter this problem is to refinish your floor and countertops with new granite tiles. It will not only be costly but also extremely distressing.

Granite Tiles demand your special attention. If you do not take proper care of them, they may loose their shine. They would look dull and dreary as time goes on. Imagine how upsetting it would be for you to look at those lifeless granite tiles after spending so much on getting them installed. You will have to look after them like a mother watches her toddler by keeping a hawk-like eye on him.

No matter what material you choose at the end, it will have both the good and the bad sides to it. All you can really do is stick to your decision and make the most of it.

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Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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