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Philadelphia seo violations you do not know you are making

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Implementing the best Philadelphia SEO for your website takes much planning and patience for optimal results. Philadelphia SEO companies work hard to make sure all the positive aspects of an SEO campaign are fulfilled and the negative practices are avoided.
Many people believe that certain negative practices can get their websites ranked higher, indexed faster, etc. However, the search engines have caught on and will issue a pretty hefty penalty or violation if you are subject. Follow this guide to ensure that you are avoiding these common negative practices whenever possible.
Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is the most common negative Philadelphia SEO practice that will get you hit you with a penalty. Keyword stuffing occurs when a keyword phrase appears over and over again in website copy. Everyone practicing SEO uses keyword phrases in their content, and most likely you are staying within the 3 – 7% range as recommended. People doing extreme keyword stuffing know it, placing repetitive phrases typically near the bottom of the page.
Content Lacking Substance
Google’s Panda/Farmer update in February of 2011 solidified this issue as penalty-worthy. Although it’s not direct spam, shallow content is associated with it. Websites using Philadelphia SEO that rip copy from other websites while using little or no original content are subject to this penalty. This algorithm created by Google made a significant impact on 12% of U.S. search engine results – a much higher percentage than most Google algorithm changes. However, Google’s ultimate goal is to decrease spam even more by removing low quality content that does not benefit searchers.
Linking Spam
If you are thinking of placing your links on every possible forum, blog, discussion, etc., think again. Not only will these links refuse you the credit you are seeking, it’s not even a valid Philadelphia SEO practice. Linking spam is one of the main negative tactics that gives SEO a bad name. On top of making you look like a spam artist in the online community, you could also face a nasty penalty.
Paying for Links
This is a huge no-no in the Philadelphia SEO world that could result in a long, pricey penalty. Google’s rules state that you are not allowed to buy or sell links to benefit search engine rankings. People do still try with hopes of slipping through the cracks, but if you are caught the consequences are harsh (not to mention bad PR for your company). Other search engines such as Bing do not ban this practice, but it’s heavily frowned upon.
Hiding Text
Users may not be able to read hidden text, but Google can definitely detect it. Once Google sees you are trying to hide text (i.e. white font on white background or using an unreadable style) it knows you are trying to pull something spam-related.
Cloaking is by far the worst and sneakiest tactic to use. Cloaking is a more advanced version of hiding text by showing visitors a totally different version of a webpage than what search engines see.
Now that you are aware of the negative practices to avoid, your Philadelphia SEO campaign should run smoothly with no penalties or violations.

Stephanie Aiello is a freelance writer for Boomtown Internet Group, informing the public of positive Philadelphia SEO practices. For more information about SEO Philadelphia services, visit our website.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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