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Long tail keyword seo a smarter way to get relevant traffic

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Even after so many years of SEO and considerable evaluation that SEO industry has witnessed, we still see both SEO experts and clients fretting and wasting considerable resources by focusing solely on major keywords.

The point that main keywords which are 1, 2 or even 3 words long do bring a lot of traffic is not a matter of dispute. The major problem occurs when a SEO company advocates just going after these keywords when it is very obvious that this keyword may not be the best choice. Such keyword will surely be highly competitive with lot of websites big and small, established and new vying for it. If your site is new then if you wish for a top spot for such keywords then you are in long haul. If your budget, SEO or Viral marketing campaign or product is not exceptional then chances of achieving it in few months is next to impossible.

Many times clients are themselves guilty of this mistake. They make ranking in top 10 for their main keyword a prestige issue. In such cases they virtually force their SEO Company to focus solely on these keywords. In these cases SEO Company has to give in to client’s demands to get business. If you think about it why should a SEO consultant refuse such demand even if he has spelt out the pitfalls in such approach? SEO for short tail keywords may mean more budget and long term contract!

There is another angle to this problem. Even if a site ranks for short tail keyword it may not benefit a lot in terms of lead. The site may witness high traffic but is that traffic relevant?

Suppose you have chosen your main keyword as ‘MBA’. Google gives almost 250,000,000 results with first few pages dominated by authority sites. Even if your site for a college in India ranks in top 10, traffic from other parts of the world majority of whom do not want to get their degree in India. In such cases your higher ranking does translate in to higher leads. Your investment in time and money won’t be proportional to the leads that you will get. Yes, it will be a big ego boost for you though!

Search engine algorithms have become smarter. They parse through billions of web pages and collate data. They then do some serious data processing and take in to account the keywords, their density, their location and relevance to the webpage and website among other factors. After this they rank web pages for keywords according to their algorithms.
For a webpage with a long term keyword it will mean that it is much more relevant to that particular keyword. Long tail keywords are mostly very specific queries. This will mean that users will find your webpage more useful and relevant.

Let’s take our MBA example bit further. ‘MBA courses’ is a short tail keyword and has 48,200,000 results which though substantially less then ‘MBA’ is still competitive and not too great in terms of relevant audience. Let’s go dig deep. ‘MBA courses in India’ makes much more sense because the keyword is quite relevant and at the same time not that competitive with just 14,800,000 results. If the user is looking to find information on a particular stream such marketing then ‘MBA marketing course in India’ will bring lot more targeted audience.

Thus, by focusing on a basket of long tail keywords will allow you to dominate rankings for some specific search queries and also corner traffic from some very relevant audience.

Sites which want to garner traffic from their local markets, long tail keywords make more sense and will give more bang for their investment.

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Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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