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Bing is becoming a more important piece for search engine marketing

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Although there is no denying that Google reigns supreme among the search engine marketing software, Microsoft is making big strides with its product known as Bing. And recent information shows that the gap between the two super engines may be getting smaller. Here are some ways in which Bing is gaining more followers.

Reaching Out to the Mobile Market

The parent company of Blackberry phones, Research in Motion, came out with an announcement recently stating that Bing will be the default search engine on their popular smartphones and newly released tablet. More than just a web browser, Bing will be closely tied to the operating system to improve functionality. In addition, Nokia plans on using Bing for all of its new phones. Search engine marketing that is focused on mobile devices will need to tailor their efforts to capture this growing segment of the market.

Using Leverage with Facebook

Based on the phenomenal growth of social sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, Bing is looking to tap into the market by partnering with Facebook. Bing is using the interests people display through their Facebook account and using that to personalize the search results. For instance, people who have logged in to their Bing account can do a little price comparison when shopping online. At the same time, they can see which merchants were Liked by their Facebook contacts. And details from a person’s account will provide search engine marketing results that focus on the person’s interests.

New Apps for iPad

Although Google is the default search engine used by the popular Apple tablet, experts have tested the new Bing app and claims that it provides a much better experience for the users. In this setting the goal for Bing is quite simple. Make the experience so enjoyable and complete that people will want to use the software on other devices such as smartphones and computers. This is a good example for all companies to follow in their search engine marketing strategy.

Moving to Game Systems

Beyond the tablets and mobile devices, Bing is moving to video game consoles too. The Xbox by Microsoft has evolved into something much more than just a way to play a game. The device has the ability to also stream videos over the internet or simply browse the web.

By offering the platform on Xbox, Bing is hoping to recruit younger users that will remain loyal to the software for years to come. Search engine marketing tactics will need to take into account the younger audience using the software and modify their messages accordingly.

Tighter Security

Firms that focus on search engine marketing are keenly aware that people want to use sites that allow them to retain their privacy. Having a web browser that is secure and keeps people’s information hidden from hackers is highly important in the global internet. Several third party testers feel that the structure of Bing is made in such a way as to keep users’ information away from prying eyes while allowing them the joy and functions of surfing the internet.

Larry Chandler is a freelance writer for Maryland Internet Marketing, a Search Engine Marketing firm. To find out more about Maryland Search Engine Marketing and Maryland SEO, visit their website at Marylandinternetmarketing.com.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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