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Ex-cia folks are problematic

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Those who are above the law or act as such are a problematic situation for civilizations. Maybe this is why the CIA is so effective in screwing up other nation's government. There is a problem when these ladies and gentlemen retire. They often use contacts from the government and agency to network and work the system. This is a problem because invariably it hurts an honest and law abiding citizen.

We can fix this easy enough. Simply chip them. We put a satellite RFID ? Radio Frequency Identifier and track them wherever they go. We know the many ex-CIA are involved in the drug trade in our nation. This is bad because these illegal drugs coming into the country that they make money on, tend to cause an increase in law enforcement, rehabilitation and health care costs. It would be cheaper for us to simply pay them a lifetime pension. Track them and then hold them to the full extent of the law times five in the case of any misdeeds in the country.

When you hire someone to lie, cheat, manipulate and show them how to operate outside the system, you have created a real negative dynamic in the system. Many of these people end up with juicy contracts, employment and above the law lifetime status and as any human well trained in the arts of Machiavellian technique we are finding them abusing the privilege. Some are calling for the killing off in the line of duty of such folks or kicking them out of the country after they are completed in their careers. I disagree, by using technology we can implant them with chips and allow them to integrate back into society without having to kill them.

Many politicians believe that many of the ex-CIA know too many secrets and know too much about the actual politicians which they use to bribe them with and prefer to have them killed as to not spill the beans on a shady or disreputable back door deal or government operation. There are plans a foot to do just that in some inner circles.

If all this sounds too much like a spy novel to you, it is okay for you to not wish to address this serious problem as it may or may not actually affect you personally, but it does affect our nation in a serious way. Since we are the land of second chances, let's just chip the ex-CIA operatives and bureaucrats and be done with it. We own the government and as long as they wanted the job in the first place, we own them too. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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