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Rss as a sign of trust

Rss RSS Feed

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is something that has become a means of improving trust. It?s not so much that the use of an RSS feed improves a consumer?s confidence in the product so much as it improves their confidence in your site.

Just like VeriSign is a standard of trust so too is an RSS feed. It is one of several components that can be included in your website that allows consumers to feel more confident that you are a business owner who is looking out for their best interests.

Why is RSS an indicator of trust?

One of the simplest reasons I know of is that RSS presents your content as authoritative and worth reviewing. If you didn?t believe in the value of the content you wouldn?t consider using RSS.

The residual benefit of using an RSS feed is that consumers can be alerted when new content is released. This can result in a positive traffic jam on your site.

When you have an RSS feed it also tells consumers that you are serious about providing new and useful content. It tells them you shake up the site regularly and they won?t have to worry about static information on your site. There are already too many of those never changing sites available. RSS indicates a promise that you will not to be one of them.

RSS can be applied to text content such as blog posts; knowledge based content or even new product pages. RSS can also be applied to any podcasting or video streaming you might make available.

Effectively this mechanism provides a means of encouraging interaction with those who were motivated enough to sign up for your RSS feed.

This function is a perfect companion to strategies you may be using as you work to develop consumer-centric strategies. RSS isn?t just for you to syndicate material it is designed to meet the needs of customers and bring them to your site.

Face it, the more impressions they have of your business the greater trust they can place in your business ? unless you give them some reason to doubt your trustworthiness.

An RSS feed allows consumers to manage their interests and online activities. In some ways an RSS feed can be used in place of a typical bookmark. Content consumers will be alerted through their RSS reader every time you place something new online.

This concept mirrors major news syndication groups, but you bypass the printing press, the need for advertisers and the typical costs associated with syndication.

More and more power is being given to both consumers and business owners to do more in an online environment than a brick and mortar counterpart could ever hope to achieve.

For instance can you imagine the cost of a new direct mail message from a store in your downtown area being delivered the same day to everyone who has expressed an interest in being on that company?s standard mailing list?

It?s just not going to happen.

Use RSS to develop trust and a better sense of brand loyalty in your online store.

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