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Why is my boyfriend acting the way he is - how to find out

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Relationships that are serious and last for a long time are often hard to understand and cope with. Each person has to invest the time needed to deal with the problems, get a firm grasp of what's going on, and then come up with ways they can potentially fix those issues. The real key to a successful relationship is that both parties have to strive to completely understand one another.

Note: the following is written from a female perspective, but applies to both sexes.

An all too common question that women ask is "why is my boyfriend acting the way he is?" Now, if you are asking this, it doesn't mean you are stupid or confused, what it really means is that there is a gap in understanding each other. That's actually a good thing because it means all you need to do to get your answer is to understand what's going on. With that in mind, here are some questions to help you figure it all out.

Is it you? This is the first thing you should consider. What often happens is that we change, but because of that change we think others around us are the ones who are changing. But the reality is that due to something within us, we start to perceive things differently. So, if you all of a sudden find that your boyfriend doesn't seem to have the same sense of humor, it may not be him at all. Maybe, just maybe, you aren't responding to his sense of humor in the same way.

Has he been under additional stress lately? Most men like to act tough. However, this very toughness can really take its toll when men are under stress. This is because they have to be tough, and have been conditioned to not show that it's getting to them. Maybe work is the cause of his stress, but he can't let on to that in front of his co-workers, so he expresses it by being more cranky when he's with you. (This doesn't excuse his acting like a jerk, but it may explain it)

Have you asked him? And if so, how did you ask? Sometimes all it takes is for you to ask him what's wrong. As mentioned, guys often have a hard time expressing their feelings and may just be waiting for you ask them what's wrong. They will open up, but you have to be careful that you ask in a way that isn't accusatory, and doesn't imply they are weak in any way. Be sure you listen as he starts to tell you, and don't do anything that will make him stop. You may only get one chance, so do your best to help him express himself.

So, the next time you find that you are asking yourself, "why is my boyfriend acting the way he is" you will have a better idea of how to get an accurate answer. That's a good thing because the better the two of you understand each other, the happier your relationship will be.

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