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Is there a way to get your ex girlfriend back

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Sometimes women may overreact and end up saying or doing something that they don't really mean. Sometimes a girl might overreact to a situation and break up with you and when she has time to calm down and really think about the situation she might realize that she has made a mistake. However, the way that you react to the break up could make a big difference in whether it is possible for you to get back together.

So if you think you're girlfriend might have overreacted and you think that your relationship is salvageable then these tips might help you to win her back.

Firstly, give her some space. While she is still angry about the situation you won't be able to talk rationally to her, so give her a little time to calm down. When she calms down she may realize her mistake and call you.

If you’re ex girlfriend has made a mistake then she will soon realize that life without you isn't what she wants. When she is sitting at home on her own on a Saturday night and missing you then she will begin to rethink things.

If you don't rush in and call her then she will begin to worry about her decision and think that you don't need her. If she thinks that there is a chance that you might just move on without her, then she needs to think long and hard about what she wants and if she wants you back she needs to act before you move on.

Even though are probably missing her just as much as she is missing you, you don't want to seem too desperate to get her back, you need to stick with the tactic of giving her space.

You don’t want to start doing desperate things like singing love songs to her outside her bedroom window, or sending hundreds of texts or sending flowers every day.

However, if you haven't heard from her after a week or so then you may need to be the one to make first contact. Just call her and ask her how things are going and keep it cool. Don't act desperate now that you have a chance to speak to her, you still want to sound casual and laid back about the whole relationship issue.

If she still isn't calling you or trying to win you back, then you might want to take things a bit further. You can call her up and ask her if she would like to go out to dinner so you can talk about things. Don't become possessive and follow her and constantly bug her, just make that phone call and ask her out. If she rejects you then maybe she has decided that the relationship ending was in fact what she wants. You can't put too much pressure on her to go out with you again or you might just push her further away.

One thing that will impress her and may make her think twice about her decision is if you remember an important date that might be coming up. Men are not the best at remembering birthdays, anniversaries or other such dates so if there is an event coming up then let her know that you are thinking about her on that day by sending her some flowers or a card. Keep it short and sweet, just enough to let her know you are thinking about her and still care about her.

If a month or so passes and there is no sign from her that she wants to get back together with you, then you might need to accept that it is over. There is no point in chasing after a dream that can never happen, if she has made up her mind and has no intention of changing it then you need to move on.

Don't let your relationship end completely without trying to talk about it and let her know that you still care about her. Be prepared to be honest and let her know your true feelings. But if that isn't enough then be prepared to walk away and get on with your life.

These tips might help you to get your ex girlfriend back if it is what she wants, so don’t give up too soon but don’t seem to desperate either.


Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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