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Husband having an emotional affair - spot it fast

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Is your husband having an emotional affair, or are you just worried that he is? In some ways emotional affairs may even be worse than the physical kind, though no one wants to have to deal with the aftermath of either. No one wants to think that their husband can actually be in love with someone else, at least if it was just physical you could console yourself with the idea that "didn't mean anything" but you have no such solace with an emotional affair.

It's often said that a man rarely leaves his wife for the other woman, but when love is involved the odds of him leaving to be with the woman he loves are a lot higher. That is part of the reason an emotional affair can be so damaging to a relationship and it is not something to be taken lightly.

It can be quite easy for anyone to get caught up in an attraction especially if they are spending a lot of time with someone, say a co-worker. When two people who have a lot in common are thrown together day in and day out (not to mention over night business trips and the occasional weekend retreat) it's no wonder that an emotional romance can happen.

Once that attraction and affection grows, it's often not long until the relationship turns physical and they act on the feelings they are having for each other. It's not uncommon for the people involved in the relationship to be in a state of denial, they don't even know that they are having feelings for someone other than their spouse or that what they are doing really is cheating.

Here are some signs that your husband is becoming too involved with a co-worker:

1. If your husband suddenly starts taking more time with his appearance before heading off to work. Or, he starts working out. Of course, you don't want to jump to any conclusions he might just have finally gotten fed up with his spare tire, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on.

2. If he seems to be working a lot of extra time, going to more after work meetings and gatherings. This is really something to worry about if he used to take you to after hours office functions but now he tells you that you would "just be bored" and he'll go alone.

3. If he suddenly starts acting differently; things like leaving the room to take a call, or closing the door when he is on his computer. These are definite signs that he is doing something he doesn't want you to know about. Further discussion between the two of you is in order.

4. This is probably the biggest sign that whatever is going on is emotional and not physical and that he may not even realize it: he talks about a certain person, female, from work a lot. If your husband suddenly starts a lot of sentences with "So and So said this" or "So and So did that" you might have a problem brewing.

Is your husband having an emotional affair? If you're not sure, there are some things to look for. Hopefully nothing is wrong but if it is, there is nothing to be gained by ignoring it.

is probably the biggest sign that whatever is going on is emotional

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