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How to get back an ex with proven methods

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Here is a bit of simple logic: Everybody is different. Relationships are (hopefully) comprised of two people. Therefore, the exact reasons for any relationship coming to an end will be different for each couple.

Of course it's probably not a major revelation that break ups happen for various reasons. But if you have recently went through one yourself then you know how much of a drag it can be. The funny thing is that all of those things you thought were so important--so worth breaking up for--don't really seem all that important as you look back at what the two of you once had. Perhaps that why you have been thinking about how to get back an ex.

The good news is that the vast majority of all relationships can be saved. The catch is that you have to follow a good plan and be willing to do whatever it takes to get your ex back. It won't always be easy, but just knowing it can be done will help you to keep trying when things get tough. Some of the following tips may sound like they won't work, but they actually work through powerful psychology, so be sure to only use them for the right reasons.

The very first thing you need to do is agree to the break up. Or, to be more precise, you need to let your ex know that you agree being apart is the best thing for the both of you at this point. See, by saying it this way, you are really telling them that this is a temporary situation. You're sending the message that you both just need to work through this and then you will be together again.

Now that you have let them know you're okay with the current situation, you need to break off all contact with your ex for a while. No emails, no texting, no telephone calls, no bumping into them "accidentally". You both need time to sort things out on your own. How long this takes will vary from person to person, so if your ex isn't ready to start talking to yet, then that's okay, they just need more time.

Go on living your life. You may feel rotten after a break up, but you can't shut yourself off from the rest of the world. If you feel sad or depressed, then you have to get beyond it as soon as you can. Being sad isn't going to help you get your ex back. If anything, it will only make things worse because you won't be able to think clearly.

Once you have done these things, you can get in touch with your ex again. Be careful to not overdo it at first. Your early conversations should be low-key, and then you can build toward getting back together. However, if your ex wants to patch things up right away, then you can speed up the process.

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