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Why he left me after...?

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The next morning he /or she is gone. And because this is a man's privilege, I'll try to give some answers to the women.

I'm not trying to say that only men are doing that, but 50% of my friends /I mean women/ keep calling me with the following topic: " Hi, I met him a week ago, he is different, you know, he is so kind and he didn't take me straight to the bed. I think he is the one, and I'll go further with him?" In one week she calls me again: "Hi, we did it, it was great, I think he is in love with me, no doubt?." And now the end of the story: "Hi, I can't believe it, he's never called me again, it's been more than a week - can you please tell me what's going on? He told me I'm the best, he told me he couldn't be with another woman any more?Do you thing I have to call him and ask him for an explanation, at least I need to know why!?"

In that moment the only thing I'm thinking of is - how she could be so naive. And why she things that if she calls him, he will come back? This is the biggest problem for every one of us - we think, that we could change the way they / the men / understand the love.

Imagine an assorted chocolate hamper. When you give it to a man - he wants to try the milk and the dark chocolates, the toffee, the drinking chocolate flakes, the organic truffles, the chocolate torrone ? everything. What about a woman - she will spend 2-3 minutes trying to decide which is the best, and after deep meditation she takes the decision - the result is she's got the wrong one! What is the conclusion and who is happy and satisfied? The man, of course.

He will do the same with the women - he won't choose to long, he will take every one he likes, just to try more and more, and in the end he stops satisfied and probably with one woman for his life partner. Because he already knows what is it all about - he knows the taste of the chocolate and that the wrap in most occasions doesn't matter. In one stage of his life he takes the final decision, the problem for every woman is to catch him in that particular moment - and that is a tough task. Because some men never reach that point - they will always be explores.

So what is my conclusion - do not try to find the best, do not try to change his decisions, act like him - you need the experience. Never try to take him back - he won't come if he doesn't want to, he is the one to find you! Remember - men always look around, you have to prepare for them and wait. They won't miss you. /I'm not going to tell you about women's tricks - it's another topic. / But if you are alone and you need to find somebody right now - try this: http://www.mybestshop.co.uk/html/dating.html

Article autor Vanya Alex - relationship consultant - you can find her at: admin@mybestshop.co.uk

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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