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Fun things to do in los cabos

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Los Cabos is a 21 mile corridor which has two famous tourist destinations: Cabos San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Los Cabos is located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur at the very tip of the Mexican peninsula.

Los Cabos like other Mexican destinations is famous for its sun and sand. But it’s much more than just that. Its sapphire blue waters almost entrance you. I am not joking! To add to the delight its climate is just perfect. With an average temperature of 78 F, it’s what tourists from cold countries like Canada and Europe long for. It waters are also at a comfortable 72 F.

Los Cabos doesn’t just rest on the nature’s bounty but also has many activities which keep tourists coming year round.

1) Sun and Sand: It is the most popular activity and hence we had to list first. Along this tourist corridor, there are numerous beaches. If you want calm beaches then head to the beaches along Sea of Cortez. Beaches on the Pacific side are on wild side. But what are guaranteed are soft sand and unparalleled views. It’s as if you have been transported to another world. The beaches are not crowded. Some of the beaches may lack basic amenities like water and restrooms. Pick out the beaches that suit you.

2) Sightseeing: No vacation is complete without sightseeing. The tourist corridor has many places. One can just rent a car and explore the area. Head to Land’s End, where the two seas meet. At low tide you can even walk along Playa del Amor to the 62-foot El Arco rock formation!

You can buy local handicrafts at Mercado Mexicano on Calle Hidalgo at Obregon. Along the way don’t forget to savor Mexican delicacies!

3) Whale watching: Los Cabos is the best place for sighting whales. The warm climate, shallow waters and the abundant food make Los Cabos the perfect destination for even these giant sea mammals to give birth and rear their young ones.

Almost 90% of the world’s whale population comes to waters around Baja from December to March.

Whales can be viewed from the beaches but the views can be had from numerous sea excursions.

4) Off-road: If you are adventurous like me then hop on to an ATV and go off-road on the desert. Jeep tours are also available. These tours allow tourist to explore the bets places, local culture and wildlife.

5) Fishing: Sea of Cortez is home to at least 650 different species of fish. For fishing all year around you won’t find a better place. Along with fishing you will also get to see the thriving marine wildlife like whales, seals and dolphins!

6) Diving & Snorkeling: To appreciate the marine life one has to get underwater. The water is crystal clear and visibility is high in Los Cabos which makes it perfect for snorkeling and diving. You can go to Lover's Beach to snorkel and also see sea lions. Other locations are Neptune's Finger and Pelican Rock. In San Jose del Cabo, Gordo Banks, infested with whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and sea rays are a delightful place.

7) Cruising & Sailing: Cruising and Sailing can’t get better than in The Sea of Cortez. There are many types of cruises which can be enjoyed with either family or your partner.

8) Nightlife: After coming back from the beaches, you would like to hit the dance floors. Cabo San Lucas has enough discotheques, bars, restaurants and music to make its nightlife pulsating and exciting.

Mexico is a land of beautiful beaches, magnificent landscapes and charming people. If you want to know more about Mexico Real Estate, Mexico hotels, Mexico Villas, Mexico Restaurants, Mexico weddings, culture and night life then check out MexicoSummer.com. It has unbiased and accurate information on everything Mexico!

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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