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Dangers of waterslide-follow rules and dont worry about dangers

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Too many people do not understand the dangers of water-slide usage especially in your own backyard. Everything has it's risk and if you worried about every little thing then no one in the world would ever have any fun. But, fun is fun and if you take the correct precautions then you should be able to have that fun safely.

If you have a pool that has a built in water-slide then make sure you and your children never slide down the slide head first. The possibility that someone could go too deep and get a severe neck injury resulting in paralysis is too great. Always instruct your children to go down the slide feet first. Neck and spinal cord injuries are very serious and you do not want your children to have to experience or deal with these types of injuries for the rest of their lives.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has concluded that 250 children die in pool related accidents each and every year, do not let your child be one of them. Teach your child or children the rules of the pool and make sure they adhere to them and never allow your children to swim unattended. Especially if they are under the age of 5. Keep gates securely locked and always supervise your children when they are playing in or around the pool.

One way to keep your children safe is to get them into swimming lessons when they are very young. Knowing how to swim is the biggest life-saving technique you can give your children. Being safe in the water and learning the dangers of water-slide usage is extremely important. Even though your child knows how to swim you should still keep and eye on them when they are in the pool. Accidents happen and you do not need the guilt of knowing you were not watching them.

Keep your water-slide well maintained and in good working order. If there ever is a problem shut it down and do not let anyone use it. Check for simple things like loose bolts every month or so and tighten them as necessary but for the major repairs let a qualified professional do the work for you. It is worth your children's safety to do this.

If you have a water-slide that you have made your self and lays on the ground the same safety rules apply. Always go feet first. Children under the age of five may be able to safely slide down these slides on their belly but teenagers and adults should never slide this way or they may seriously injure themselves to the point of becoming a quadriplegic.

Inflatables are another way to go if you want a water-slide in your own backyard but, again, the same rules should always apply. Never let your children use these water-slides without close, adult supervision. As the adult you may not be able to climb on and use the inflatable water-slide like your children do because of weight restrictions but always watch them closely to make sure they are keeping the dangers of water-slide usage in mind and are obeying the rules.

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