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Make a waterslide-do it yourself backyard fun

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If you like the idea of having a waterslide then maybe you would be interested to know that you can learn to make a waterslide all by yourself. The instructions are fairly simple and won't cost an arm and a leg. You can even store it simply by rolling it up and putting it in a safe place.

All you need to make a waterslide is a nice sloping hill, a measuring tape, a water source, thick plastic sheeting, some bubble bath and some stakes to hold the plastic sheeting in place to enjoy hours of cool fun in the summer.

Start by clearing a large section, bigger than the size of the slide, of the slope you will be using of all sticks, rocks, or anything else that may cause injury to those who will be sliding down the slide. Next, measure an area approximately the same size of the plastic sheeting. If your piece of plastic is 10X25 feet then that is what you need to measure down the slope.

Lay out the plastic and stake it securely to the ground at about five foot intervals. Pound the stakes flush to the ground so they are not a hazard to the sliders. The idea is to have fun and not end up with someone in the emergency room with serious injury.

Take the hose and use it to wet the slide then hook the hose up to the sprinkler. The sprinkler should be placed along the side of the slide and far enough away to not pose a hazard either. Position the sprinkler so that the shower of water hits the slide right down the middle and on the upper half of the slide. The flow of water should be continuous so set the sprinkler so it does not oscillate.

Squirt the slide with a squiggle of bubble bath to make the slide slippery. Keep the bubble bath handy so you can keep the slide slippery after every eight to ten slides. If there will be teenagers or adults using the slide explain that they should go down the slide feet first to prevent neck and back injuries.

If you want to take this a step further you can either sink a kiddie pool into the ground at the end of the slide or make a small ramp up to the edge of one so the sliders have a pool of water to land in at the end of their slide. Do this only if you can do it safely so no one gets hurt.

Just remember when the fun is done then turn the water off and let the whole thing dry thoroughly in the sun before you pull the stakes and roll it up for storage. If you do this properly and store it right, you will be able to get a whole summer's worth of fun from this one piece of plastic sheeting.

This is how you make a waterslide. Follow these steps and you and your children will have many hours of fun in the sun this summer.

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