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The cheaper replacement alternative

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When it comes to summer plans, no one wants to spend his or her savings on replacing outdoor furniture. Instead of wasting time and money on shopping, shipping, and setup, consider outdoor furniture restoration. Outdoor furniture restoration is a much more cost-effective option for commercial and residential furniture.

Outdoor furniture refurbishing specialists can make old furniture look brand new at a fraction of the price of replacement. Over the years, outdoor furniture can become worn from pool chemicals, sun, heat, acid rain, and general use. If bits and pieces of your furniture have become weatherworn or over-used, there are many resolutions available. Perhaps your furniture only needs restrapping on a couple of chaise lounges or a fresh coat of paint on a patio table. Outdoor furniture restoration includes the following convenient services:

Pool furniture restoration
Pool furniture restrapping
Wrought iron refinishing
Cast aluminum repainting
Patio table repair
Powder coating
Custom furniture sling replacement
Tips on outdoor furniture care and cleaning

Restoration is especially convenient for fast pool furniture refinishing just in time for beginning of the season. Outdoor furniture restoration services use advanced technology to ensure your furniture looks the best it can. For full refinishing, specialists first sandblast metal frames to remove old paint. They then powder coat the frame and bake it in an over to fully cure the paint. After this step, the new finish is so durable it can remain undamaged by even the hit of a hammer.

Specialists then offer high-quality materials such as virgin vinyl and fabric in a variety of colors matched exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. The vinyl is heated to an extreme temperature to make it extremely pliable, then left to cool to develop maximum retention. The new vinyl straps contain ultraviolet stabilizers and mildew inhibitors to protect the color and brightness.

Many patio and pool furniture refinishing companies offer free phone estimates and maintain close relationships with their clients. If ever a problem arises, refurbishing specialists will often pick up and deliver outdoor furniture for a minimal fee. They also provide important advice on how to care for and clean your patio and pool furniture so it lives an even longer life after reparation.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, outdoor furniture restoration is the wise decision. In addition to saving money, you are also being resourceful by recycling. Hotels, country clubs, condominiums, and other recreational and lodging properties can highly benefit from this inexpensive alternative.

Stephanie Aiello is a freelance writer educating the public on the advantages of outdoor furniture restoration. For more information about Patio chair repair and Garden patio furniture replacement, visit The Southern Company’s website.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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