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Alone on christmas

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If you find yourself one of the millions of people who are alone on Christmas, do not panic or be depressed. There are so many things you can do to not be alone it's not even funny. You do not need someone else to make the holidays special, all you need is you.

If you have the time, go volunteer at the homeless shelter and dish up some food for the people who are really alone on Christmas and every other day of the year. You surely will not feel alone if you help out your fellow man. Making sure that someone has a nice warm meal in their belly and a warm place to sleep for at least one night makes your problems all but disappear.

If you can't do that then make sure you just do what ever you can to make your space feel like Christmas. Do not go without decorating and playing Christmas music. Enjoy the season for what it is and maybe start some of your own traditions in the process. Go buy a tree and some decorations, or make your own decorations and do it up right. Holiday lights are bright and colorful and you just have to smile and feel all warm inside when you see them or decorate with them.

Don't want to be alone? Plan a holiday party for friends and co-workers. If you know you are going to be alone then plan your party early enough that your invitees have time to plan their holiday around your party and not blow it off as your last ditch effort to not be all alone during the holiday season. Don't seem desperate though, you will chase people away.

Plan and cook a special meal for yourself. There is no reason you can't buy a small turkey or just the turkey breast or a ham and make yourself a nice dinner. Even if you are not much of a cook you could probably manage dinner for one. The more often you do it the better cook you will become.

Get out into the neighborhood and see how your neighbors have decorated their houses and apartments. If you live in a place where you get snow, go out on a night when it is snowing and feel how special the air feels and take in the smells and sounds of the season. Stop by a local diner and have some hot chocolate or spiced cider to warm up before making your way home.

When you get home, open up that bottle of wine you have been saving and start a nice warm bath. Take a good book and a glass of wine into the tub with you, light some candles and relax until the water gets lukewarm. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

When the big day arrives don't forget you can call home and talk to everyone whom you are missing and wish them well. If you have planned your time well you can surely tell them you really do not mind being all alone on Christmas.

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