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Separation anxiety in dogs-you are your dogs pack

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Dogs are social animals and thrive when they feel they are a member of a pack, and to a dog you and your family are their pack. For that reason, a lot of dogs will bark and howl when they are left alone. Granted, dogs are going to be happier when they are around you, but they shouldn't be so distraught at your leaving that they cry all day. Separation anxiety in dogs is a real problem.

There is no doubt that dogs are intelligent animals. That intelligence may be why they experience separation issues, but that same intelligence can also help them to be normal. Dogs are fairly fast learners and will get to know your schedule. They may understand that you can't be with them at every given moment, but they also need to understand that howling all day won't make you come home any faster.

Many dogs will stand in a certain spot (usually by a door or a window) patiently waiting for your return. These healthy dogs may wait quietly, but they will also do other things while you're gone. In fact, while you may be under the impression they have been in one spot all day, the truth is that the dog may have simply learned your schedule and starts waiting shortly before your arrival.

It can hurt our feelings to think about separation anxiety in dogs--they aren't only our pets, they are members of the family. And, because they are pack animals, dogs can't tolerate feeling as though they're not included. Naturally, when you're away from them, there isn't anything for them to feel included in. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the level of anxiety your dog feels.

The first step is to get them used to the idea of being alone, even when you are home. All you need to do is place your dog in another room with a door. Give them a toy, close the door and leave them alone for one minute. It is vital that you do not say anything through the door, and that you actually walk away. Once the minute is up, open the door. Do not call your dog to come out, just open the door and let it do what it wants to do (as long as it's not negative behavior). Do this several times until they grow accustomed to it, and then slowly increase the amount of time you leave them in the room. After you get up to a total of 20 to 30 minutes, your next step is to leave the dog home alone for a few minutes; repeating the same process.

One of the main causes of separation anxiety in dogs is people. We adore our pets, and we may feel guilty about leaving them home all day. So what do we do to compensate? We make a big deal out of leaving and try to give them extra attention. But think about that for a moment. You are being affectionate toward your pet, and they are loving you right back. You have now heightened their emotions...and then you leave. So, not making a big deal of things is another thing you can do to solve the problem.

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