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Press release famous wellness website sounds alarm about obesity

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Famous Wellness Website Sounds Alarm About Obesity

Obesity has now grown into a deadly disease in its own right, warns HBW.

July 13, 2004 --Health-Beauty-Wellness.com has just added a whole new weight loss and nutrition section to its website. It starts with an article aptly titled "Ten Important Things to Know before
You Join a Weight Loss Program", which you can follow up with over 25,000 words of carefully handpicked and densely packed up information every one should be familiar with.

"Very few people know their BMI (Body Mass Index), let alone how to determine it", warns Amsall Communications CEO and Chairman, A.M.Sall, HBW Publisher/Editor, "they don't even know if they are just "slightly overweight" or downright obese.

"A friend of mine considered herself as "pleasantly plump" until she was diagnosed with diabetes, was told she was heading slowly but surely for CHD (coronary heart disease)! She has started dieting and has lost 30 pounds in the last three months. She is still as "pleasant" as ever, though no longer "plump"!

He goes on to cite frightening facts such as:
* "More than a third of Americans will develop potentially life-threatening diabetes in their lifetime, and this is closely related to the "prevalence of obesity"

* And: "The CDC reports that "for the first time in history, our unhealthy eating habits now threaten to overtake tobacco as the top underlying preventable cause of death"

* Or again: "the U.S Surgeon General says "67% of everyone we know will die from a nutritional-related disease" - (Who knows, you might even be one of them.. God forbid!)

Anyone who is really interested in their health, in their future, or simply in enhancing their own quality of life should spend some time visiting at least this new section - if not all - of the
Health-Beauty-Wellness.com website.

It is at once pleasant, useful and beautiful.

A.M.Sall is simply inviting you to "turn all your lifetime into
quality time".

HBW offers enough resources, both free and paid to do just that, which is probably the reason it has grown at lightening speed, making the Top 1.5% of Alexa's 16,000,000 websites less than six months after being launched.

Email: mailto:amsallcom@sentoo.sn
Website: http://www.health-beauty-wellness.com/10.htm
Phone: 221-855-7454

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