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Heart murmur sounds- an extra lub dub

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The definition of heart murmur sounds is "any extra or unusual sound made by the heart as it beats." When listening to normal heart sounds you will hear a "lub-dub" sound when the heart beats. There should be no other sounds associated with the heart beat. If there are that means that there is something going on that is out of the ordinary and should be investigated fully.

The normal "lub-dub" is heard when the heart's valves open and close while pumping blood to either the lungs or to the rest of the body. When the valves are damaged and blood leaks through the valve or backs up in the heart is when the heart murmur sounds are heard.

You will only be able to hear heart sounds normal or abnormal with the use of a stethoscope. Depending on where the sound occurs in the heart beat, a diagnosis can be made specific to the area damaged.

The heart muscle has four chambers, the right and left atria and the right and left ventricle. There are valves that separate these chambers that help keep the blood flowing from one to the other and make sure the blood never flows backwards. Normally, blood goes from the right side of the heart to the lungs to get oxygen. Then it comes back to the left side of the heart to get distributed to the rest of the body.

On average, the heart beats at 80 beats per minute. That means that every hour of every day the heart beats 4800 times. That is 115,200 beats every single day of your life. Your heart is no slacker and if there is a problem with it and it doesn't work right then you will need treatment. Heart disease is no laughing matter and must be dealt with as soon as a diagnosis is made to give you the best chance at a good quality of life.

If your doctor as determined that you have a heart murmur then she should send you to see a heart specialist. The heart specialist will listen to your heart beat and determine when the murmur is heard. If the murmur is heard with the first "lub" sound then it is classified as a systolic heart murmur. If it is heard with the "dub" sound then it is classified as a diastolic heart murmur.

Another classification of heart murmurs is to say they are either innocent or abnormal. An innocent heart murmur is fairly common and usually does not cause any problems. An abnormal heart murmur is dangerous and are indicative of a serious health issue. If left untreated could cause heart attack, stroke or even death. If your doctor tells you he hears heart murmur sounds make sure that he refers you to that heart specialist.

"This article is not to be considered medical advice of any kind and is only for informational and entertainment purposes only. As always you, the reader, should consult with your personal physician or another Licensed Health Professional."

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