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Med journeys - why dental care abroad is the right choice for americans

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85% of Americans have medical coverage, but only 50% have dental insurance. Is it any surprise, then, that dental travel is one of the most popular segments of the emerging medical tourism market?

As is obvious from the above figures, most medical insurance doesn’t cover dental work. Included in that sad fact is Medicare, the insurance that covers our most at-need population. Aging teeth are the ones that require the most care, so it also no surprise that older Americans are among those that seek dental care overseas with frequency. And let’s not forget that one crown or root canal can potentially cost more than the upper limit on most dental insurance, should a patient be fortunate enough to be insured.

For the same cost as dental insurance or less - and significantly less than a comparable procedure - the uninsured dental care seeker can find the same care overseas they’d find at home.

If you take a walk through some areas of Budapest, Tijuana, Prague or Bangkok you’ll find dental clinics with their services advertised in the foreign languages of the most common dental tourists to that area. For years now dental tourism has been a growing subset of medical tourism. It should be no shock, then, that businessmen the world over have been clambering to capitalize. And when an estimated 30% of Texan border dwellers cross into Mexico for their dental needs, who can blame a man living on Pesos for trying to earn dollars. Nor can you fault a dollar spender for paying Peso prices. So, what is that these folks know that so many others don’t?

Well, first they know that independent health care surveys have found dental procedures to be among the most requested care requested among medical travelers. Next they know that most procedures can be had at low prices and top quality all over the world. The United States has always been very expensive for medical care and dentistry is no exception. You simply can not find good dental care inexpensively in America. Meanwhile, in Mexico dental care can be one tenth the cost that it is in America - and the dentist will have had the same education and practice as the American.

Dental care is much more than just cosmetic. Affecting every aspect of your life, not to mention being downright painful, tooth problems are just too serious to ignore. As if dental pain could be ignored anyway! Thankfully the savings of dental care overseas or down south more than make up for the travel costs, even if you don’t live on the Texas / Mexico border.

So many of you readers are now thinking, “Mexican dental care - this sounds like the beginning of a joke or a horror story.” Thankfully not. The reports from medical tourists that have had the foresight to commission a medical travel facilitator such as New Jersey based Med Journeys have nothing but good things to say about their dental travel experiences. Check out the customer testimonials for more information, but the most common reactions have been surprise as the excellence of care and the low cost. Sometimes those reactions are followed shortly by anger at American dental costs.

Med Journeys offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment overseas; coordinated by an experienced and knowledgeable organization with established professional relationships at the world's most respected medical facilities. Affordable & World Class Medical Tourism by MedJourneys.com!

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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