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Liver transplant in india delhi consultant specialist doctor hospital cadaver

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Liver Transplant is a complex procedure and patient and his family needs to learn a lot about it before
giving final consent for this major surgery. They need to understand the complications, care and precautions
before and after the operation, without which all the efforts and money can get wasted. Transplant Consultant,
Jyotsna Verma , based in New Delhi, India, helps these patients and give enough time to let them understand
the basics of liver disease, management of liver disease, diet in liver disease, liver transplant procedure in detail,
donor selection, risks to donors life, best and affordable hospital for liver transplant in India, Korea, Singapore,
U.K., USA, Spain, cost effective treatment, best surgeons, best post transplant care, liver resection, need for
liver transplant, cadaveric organ transplant, cadaveric liver transplant, organ donation, emergency liver transplant,
liver failure, financial support for transplant. All the queries are properly listened and answers with full satisfaction
of the patient and his family members.
Liver transplant is not required for all cirrhotic patients and they need to understand when it is required.
This is a very expensive procedure and patient education is the basic need before giving final consent whether in
a renowned institute. Don’t get carried away easily, first learn about this procedure and life after and cost involved
and compare all the hospitals in terms of experience, care, cost and individual attention and then take the final decision.
Success rate for both patient and the living donor should be properly known before going for this procedure.
Liver Transplant Consultant, Jyotsna, provides all the necessary information with the experience of coordinating
more than 600 liver transplants and dealing with more than 10000 liver disease patients. The scenario of
Liver Transplant in India, development of liver transplant in India happened in front of her and she had a full
observation, she worked with Dr. A.S. Soin, presently in Medanta – The Medicity and Dr. Subash Gupta for several years.
But now there many trained surgeons and many other institutes with experience of more than 500 liver transplants
and patient need to know about them so that this facility which requires full attention of the doctor can be further
developed in India and even poor patients can avail this facility and get further lease of life. The success rate is
absolutely same in all institutes because of development of surgical expertise but there is a huge difference in cost.

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