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Med journeys why choose costa rica for medical tourism

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The number one reason most people consider medical tourism for the first time is money. What nearly every medical tourism destination has in common is that medical procedures are performed in those destinations for less money than in the patients’ home country. With savings being the primary motivation for the great majority of medical tourism the destination can become a non-issue, taking the backseat to other concerns.

“Medical” is very much the more important half of “medical tourism” but the choice of destination should by no means be an idle one. If the medical procedure you need is available in more than one destination where you have it performed determines a great many factors: The numbers of procedures the medical staff has performed; the number of English speakers; the lodging, sightseeing and comfort of your traveling companions; the atmosphere of your initial recovery; transit time; corollary medical procedure availability and, not least, their experience in dealing with medical tourists, Americans in particular.

Being well-informed about the relative merits of your medical tourism destination options is key to choosing the best location in which to be treated. Here's what you want to know about Latin America’s cosmetic surgery destination: Costa Rica.

The Skinny

Costa Rica’s proximity to the United States and relative inexpensive cost of elective surgeries coupled with its unparalleled eco-tourism opportunities has made medical tourism a growth industry of interest. Great deals and wonderful experiences await any visitor to what can only be described as a tropical paradise.

The Bill

Costa Rica advertises cosmetic surgery at 1/3rd to 1/5th the cost of the same procedures in the US. Savings will vary but will always be quite considerable. Cosmetic procedures run the gamut from breast restructuring to dental work all at excellent savings. The stay in Costa Rica can be thrifty or very expensive, depending on accommodations and activities.

The Travel

Costa Rica is only a few hours away from most major hubs. Expect four hours of flight time.

Medical Care In Costa Rica

Many different procedures are available in Costa Rica in many different disciplines within the three JCI certified hospitals, but Costa Rica is really known for reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Face lifts, tummy tucks, Smart IPO – all are available at the very highest standard for much less than you would ever pay in America. Including a safari through the jungle, a week on the beach, the procedure itself and a stay in a spa while you recover you can expect to pay just for the procedure in the US.


Again, here the only words that really apply are ‘tropical paradise.’ One of the key factors influencing medical recovery is scenery and in that respect Costa Rica is just plain tops. Stunning does not begin to describe virtually every view of Costa Rica. For better, more comfortable settings you’ll have to look into a film or comic book. Think Tarzan: Putting On The Ritz.


Costa Rica is known for its tourism opportunities. An unparalleled number of eco-tourism adventures, health spas and natural beauty wait to greet any who have reason to travel. Costa Rica is also exceptionally welcoming: The only country in the world without a military is notably the most peaceful place in Latin America. If you want to have your eyes pop out every time you turn your head, get on a plane to Costa Rica.

The Roundup

Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to have a celebrity-style plastic surgery vacation. Tummy tuck and surfing lessons? Breast lift and safari? Thread lift and a hot tub picnic? If you’ve wanted a vacation, or a plastic surgery, or both, Costa Rica really is your best opportunity. For the best deal and the best surgeons always book with a reputable agency such as Med Journeys

Med Journeys offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment overseas; coordinated by an experienced and knowledgeable organization with established professional relationships at the world's most respected medical facilities. Affordable & World Class Medical Tourism by MedJourneys.com!

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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