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Cosmetic surgery types

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There are different types of cosmetic surgeries. The most common among them is the plastic surgery. The plastic surgery is performed to change the appearance of a person. The face uplifts, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, Blepharoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery, cosmetic surgery to remove scars are all included in it. The plastic surgery is of great advantage to the individuals who want to look ideally beautiful and also for the people who have certain congenital diseases. If the skin of any part of the body gets damaged or burned then the plastic surgeons replace it by artificially growing another skin. In certain cases a number of scars can be removed from the face. For this purpose they inject certain medicines in the individual which helps to remove the disease.
In case of face uplifts, special type of plates and retracters are used so that the face fits to a certain position. The loose skin from the face is surgically removed so that the wrinkles from the face disappear and the person looks younger and agile. In rhinoplasty the doctors reshape the nose so that its beauty gets enhanced and it becomes of the ideal size and the shape. Rhinoplasty is not performed just to enhance the beauty but also it treats the people who have nasal and breathing problems. All types of defective forms of the nose are treated through rhinoplasty.

There are some people who have certain congenital hearing problems or might have acquired them through accidents. All types of disruptions of the ear are treated through otoplasty . Through this treatment the patients recover their hearing capacity and the physical appearance as well. The other types of cosmetic plastic surgery include the contouring of the nose, upper arm lift, face lift, breast enlargement, breast lift, removal of wrinkles, botox injection etc.
In case of liposuction excess fat is removed from the body in few hours so that the person appears slim and slender. The disadvantage of the liposuction is that the surgically removed fat later appears in its more severe form and accumulates in certain areas of the body making it unsymmetrical.
In case of breast enlargement excess of the fat is added to the area so that the breast appear attractive. But in certain cases it so happens that the two breasts appear different from each other and the person feels much uncomfortable with such type of an appearance. They look very ugly and the person gets uncomfortable.
In case of tuck the fat is removed in such a way that a person looks slender.
All these types of surgeries have certain advantages and certain disadvantages. A person must remain contented with the appearance God has given him and must not go for such types of abnormalities. They must only be opted to treat certain diseases such as the treatment of burnt skin, effective remedy to restore the hearing ability and to treat the problems of eyes and the nose.

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