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Lice remedy and treatment

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Why Do We Seek Lice Remedy?

Lice are tiny insects who love humans so mush they try to never
leave them. Unfortunately they love humans only as food so their
love is never shared by humans. This is why humans are in active search
of remedies for head lice. There are three varieties of lice
corresponding to different parts of human bodies where they usually
dwell. Most popular head louse looks practically the same as body
louse. The third one - pubic louse - is a special treat! Their bodies
are much shorter than the head and body lice and with crab-like claws.
People always try to oust them. But even if one louse or nit is left
behind, it can multiply and re-infest again. It can have
an effect on the head, the body and on pubic parts. Their tiny
bites can cause severe itchiness that lead to skin irritation and
swelling, in some cases. So should we look for lice remedy? - Ask!..

Behavior of Lice

Lice are pretty active beasts, and to invent an effective lice remedy we
should know and understand their behavior. Normally lice love their
habitation but some of them do not miss an opportunity to explore and
settle down on a new place - head or body. The head and body lice can
easily be transferred through head-to-head contacts with the infested
person. Lice settlements are so little that give hard time looking for
them. Be very careful looking in the scalp for they will try to keep
away from the light all through your examination. Their nits are
yellowish and they look approximately like 0. Lice lay their eggs
in clumps on the hair stem close to the scalp where there is enough
heat to keep these eggs warm until they are hatched. An adult louse is
about the size of a sesame seed. Annoying as it is, lice love clean hair!
Not for admiration. It's easier to fix nits when the hair stem is clean.
But not many people would agree to keep their hair dirty to aggravate the
lice's life.


Using a lice remedy of any kind is not a very pleasant thing. So a
definite diadnosis is needed to be sure. Children are the most probable
targets for lice attacks because of their active way of life. If there
are no living lice found on the child, it is safe to declare that the
child is not suffering from lice infestation at the moment. If fresh bites
are found they should be distinguished from bites of other insects. Most
bites are so tiny, usually in red marks, that they can hardly be seen.
The best places to spot them are at the back of the
neck under the persons long hair. Also the areas around the ears are to
be examined. By slightly parting the
hair a few centimeters apart try to look for a live louse clinging to
the hair near the scalp. In such cases using of the lice comb can be a
good solution before actual lice remedy is administered.

Medication Lice Remedy

"Pediculicides" are chemical medications intended for lice infestation.
Ask the pharmacist or the staff in charge if the medicine you are
using contains "lindane". After medication sessions keep removing lice
and nits using a nit comb on the child's wet hair every 3 days after
seeing the last living louse. It's another safe way to remove these pests
- also a lice remedy of a kind. Children under 3 years should not be
treated with medicated lice shampoo or lotion.
It is very important to rinse and soak thoroughly hair instruments in
hot water and soap for ten minutes or place them outside the house for 3
days after the treatment. Otherwise they may cause harm rather than
Massage the hair with mayonnaise and leave the mayonnaise on for as
long as possible then simply comb out the nits. Blow dry the hair, the
heat can eliminate the lice and nits. If you still see some nits, then
there are still some living lice left behind. If all the nits are gone,
they cannot become nymphs to restart infestation. Children's stuffed toys
should be dry cleaned or placed inside plastic bags for two weeks where
the lice will die. Carpets, sofas and couches should be vacuum cleaned.


But of course the best lice remedy is prevention. Study your children
carefully, try to understand their behavior and foresee when and where
the infection is probable. Treat them as early as possible if they are
infested to keep the infestation from spreading. Always regularly check
the child's head using a nit comb. It is important to educate the children
to stay away from head lice and infested persons. Maintenance and health-
care of long hair lends a hand in preventing lice attack.
This is the way lice remedy and in particular remedies for head lice have
been looking for centuries. Crawl down the page for a far better advice.

Modern Lice Remedy And Remedies For Head Lice.


Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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