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Get rid of unwanted hair - laser hair removal

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Men and women today, seek to remove excess and unwanted hair that grows on various body areas. There are many areas where laser hair removal is done in order to look and feel good. Generally these areas include the upper and lower lip, chin, shoulders, hands, back, bikini line, armpits, legs, abdomen areas, pubic, thigh, neck and many other areas. Laser hair removal belongs to the dermatology segment. This procedure of laser hair removal is regarded as a highly reliable procedure. It is infact believed to be the best solution for unwanted hair removal and may also be permanent in nature.

Laser hair removal theory was practiced for 20 years before it came out officially into limelight. Laser and light based methods are employed for this purpose. Laser hair removal is an officially accepted treatment by dermatologists and is a standard procedure adapted for the purpose of removal of excess and unwanted hair. Laser hair removal works best for people who have a dark hair and a light skin. However, various technological developments have made it possible for an easy hair removal for other skin types too. Newer lasers have ensured easy hair removal for people with dark skin and light hair too.

Procedure and its results

There is a laser beam with certain varying wavelengths that is used to destroy the base or the end of the hair follicles. This helps in preventing the hair growth in those particular areas. High pigment areas are thus targeted. Therefore a person must stay away from direct contact with sun before the procedure is done with. Tanning or melanin can make the laser hair removal method slow and ineffective at times. Since the hair does not get removed instantly there are a series of visits and laser hair removal is a continuous process for a certain period. Results may not be guaranteed immediately after one treatment is over. You may have to come there for 5-10 treatments to ensure removal of unwanted hair to a certain extent. A slight swelling, scar or pain\itch may be common after the treatment for a few days.

A cool gel or liquid is applied over the area where the hair follicles are targeted. This lotion or liquid tries to absorb the laser potency that has been applied on the area. This type of a hair removal procedure has become highly popular due to the effectiveness and the speed of the procedure. The expertise and experience of the dermatologist performing the procedure plays a crucial role in the enhancement of the procedure. The clinic and the sophistication of the equipment play the primary role however. This technique is however expensive as it has superior results.

Consultant at various Toronto Hospitals and clinics for ROSACEA (FACIAL REDNESS VEINS), BOTOX, Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Clinic, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Hyperhidrosis Treatments (Excessive Sweating), Age Spots treatment.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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